Florida Town Rocked by Hurricane Hermine Received Some Unexpected Help When Trump RVs Showed Up

Over Labor Day weekend, Hermine — which varied in strength from a tropical depression to a hurricane — dropped powerful winds and heavy rains all along the East Coast.

While the storm continued to pound regions of Massachusetts and New York even on Monday, regions of Florida — where Hermine made landfall late last week — were still recovering.

One area that was particularly hard-hit was the town of Panacea, Florida, which received recorded gusts of up to 78 mph:

The weather wreaked havoc across the region:

Leaving roads impassible:

And tens of thousands without power:

Then, on Saturday — as residents took stock of the damage and began the long cleanup process — an RV bearing a very familiar face rolled into town:

Reportedly partnering with local law enforcement, firemen, and veterans, volunteers began handing out cases of water:

As well as other supplies that many families simply couldn’t do without, like diapers:

The group Florida for Trump — which runs the candidate’s campaign in the state — shared details of the situation on Facebook, writing, in part:

“Today the North Florida Trump RV gathered bottled water, diapers, gatorade and more to provide assistance to residents of Panacea, FL in Wakalla County (NorthWest Region).

With the assistance of veterans and law enforcement, the Trump RV traveled into one of the hardest hit areas of rural Florida, canceling planned campaign stops to provide help to local NW Floridians. This fishing community will be without power for a few weeks…

Our RV drivers are accustomed to storm areas, being from Mississippi. They helped clear trees and debris from the streets after giving the supplies. The community was very appreciative for the supplies as there were only three cases of water prior to our arrival. There was no press or media involved and all heart and concern.”

Today the North Florida Trump RV gathered bottled water, diapers, gatorade and more to provide assistance to residents…

Posted by Florida For Trump on Saturday, September 3, 2016

On Sunday, Trump himself shared the post, adding:

“I am so proud of my team in Florida! It is exactly what my campaign is all about!”

It’s the second time in the last month that the Trump campaign has come to the aid of Americans who have fallen victim to severe weather.

In August, the GOP nominee visited regions of Louisiana that had been devastated by historic and deadly levels of flooding, handing out supplies and reportedly donating $100,000 in relief funds to a local church.

It was a situation that both President Obama — who was vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard during much of the flooding — and Hillary Clinton — who made a phone call to the Louisiana governor rather than visited — received harsh criticism over.

Regardless of who they may support politically, though, it was clear that this was one group of Americans that was more than happy to see a Trump RV pull up in their neighborhood.

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