FLOTUS Spox Doubles Down on Slamming ‘The View’ for ‘Petty, Mean-Girl’ Segment on ‘Fake Melania’

Melania Trump
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A spokesperson for first lady Melania Trump put “The View” on blast for the second time over their recent segment reviving the “Fake Melania” theory.

Stephanie Grisham doubled down on her criticism in an email sent to USA Today on Tuesday, slamming the segment as “petty” and calling out the cohosts for their “mean-girl spirit.”

“I’ve always found it sad that a group of women spend so much time attacking another woman, whose only goal is to help children,” Grisham wrote. “Yesterday’s show went beyond the petty, mean-girl spirit that we’ve grown accustomed to.”

The spokeswoman was referring to a Monday segment on “The View,” in which the ladies pondered a theory that the first lady has a body double who occasionally travels with President Donald Trump for appearances. The topic was sparked by social media speculation following the first family’s trip to Alabama last week.

Take a look:

While the cohosts ultimately agreed the theory was false, Joy Behar added, “When there’s a rumor like this, and memes all over the place, I think it catches on because there’s an element of truth to the idea that she doesn’t want to spend time with him.”

Watch the segment below:

As IJR Red reported, Grisham previously called out “The View” almost immediately after the episode aired in a Monday tweet.

At the time, she called it “shameful” that the ladies would “choose to laugh in the face of tragedy” and pointed out that the first family had been visiting with survivors of recent deadly tornadoes in Alabama that killed 23 people.

Although he didn’t mention “The View,” President Trump also denounced the “Fake Melania” theory in a tweet on Wednesday:

While “The View” may have used the opportunity to poke fun at the president and first lady, a local Alabama resident called their trip to the community a “godsend,” as IJR Red noted.

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