Amid Voter Fraud Claims, DOJ Announces Charges Against 19 Foreign Nationals for Participating in 2016 Election

On Friday, the Justice Department announced that a grand jury charged 19 foreign nationals with illegally voting in the 2016 election.

The defendants, who came from countries as far apart as Japan and Panama, face potential jail time and fines as high as $350,000, according to

Charges included lying about U.S. citizenship, voting as an “alien,” and misusing documents like permits and visas.

Ranging from 26 to 71 years of age, the suspects were identified as:

Jose Cruz Solano-Rodriguez, age 41, of Mexico
Guadalupe Espinosa-Pena, age 63, of Mexico
Sarah Emilia Silverio-Polanco, age 35, of the Dominican Republic
Elizabeth Nene Amachaghi, age 44, of Nigeria
Maria Rufina Castillo-Boswell, age 31, of Philippines
Dora Maybe Damatta-Rodriguez, age 64, of Panama
Elvis David Fullerton, age 54, of Grenada
Olive Agatha Martin, age 71, of Guyana
Kaoru Sauls, age 54, of Japan
Jose Jaime Ramiro-Torres, age 52, of El Salvador
Juan Francisco Landeros-Mireles, age 64, of Mexico
Alessandro Cannizzaro, age 46, of Italy
Dieudonne Soifils, age 71, of Haiti
Hyo Suk George, age 69, of Korea
Merius Jean, age 54, of Haiti
Rosemarie Angelika Harris, age 60, of Germany
Daniel Tadeusz Romanowski, age 39, of Poland
Diana Patricia Franco-Rodriguez, age 26, of Mexico
Ramon Esteban Paez-Jerez, age 58, of Dominican Republic

The charges come after a long debate over voter fraud during the 2016 election. President Donald Trump continually harped on the issue and claimed that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the popular vote due to millions of illegal votes:

He even set up a voter fraud commission that eventually disbanded after reportedly failing to find evidence of widespread fraud.

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