‘There Are Some Serious Questions’: Fmr Acting AG Questions Failures That Resulted in Epstein Suicide

Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker is declaring that there are “some serious questions” following the apparent suicide of U.S. billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Early Saturday, Epstein was found dead in his jail cell at the Special Housing Unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York, where he was being held on federal sex-trafficking charges, as IJR News reported.

Asked if he believes Epstein’s death was suicide, Whitaker told “Fox & Friends” on Monday that he was “pleased” Attorney General William Barr is taking the case “incredibly seriously and said we have to get to the bottom of this.”

“I think there are some serious questions that are raised here,” Whitaker said, adding, “I think reason and common sense would suggest that someone should have been checking on him based on what had happened several weeks before.”

Epstein’s death comes after he was placed on temporary suicide watch on July 23 after being found unconscious in his jail cell with marks on his neck.

Watch Whitaker’s interview below:

“The transparency is the key. That’s what build confidence for the American people. If you don’t give all of the facts and essentially a line-by-line as to what we looked into, who we talked to, what we found, what we saw, what was violated, if anything, and the who, what — just like the facts — then the confidence won’t be there. So, we need like ultimate transparency in this case.

Now, this is the same jail that El Chapo was just being held before he was transferred out to the super-max out in Colorado. So I was surprised to see that they could hold him basically without incident and have Epstein twice. Once an alleged failed attempt at suicide and now a successful attempt. Something, I think, the question surrounding this, something doesn’t add up.”

Whitaker said, “oh yeah” Barr’s outrage over the news of Epstein’s death is justified.

Barr expressed on Monday that the case was important to the victims, and he “was appalled and indeed the whole department was, and frankly angry to learn of the MCC’s failure to adequately secure this prisoner.”

“We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation,” the attorney general said. “The FBI and the Office of Inspector General are doing just that.”

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Looking to get your old job back Matt? MAYBE you’ll be appointed to audit ALL federal jail facilities.

It was a massive failure, on the local facility’s part, that Epstein was not effectively monitored. That set the conditions for him or someone else to do him in.





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