Former Acting ICE Director Blasts Dem Rep’s ‘Disgusting’ Claim That Migrant Child Deaths Were ‘Intentional’

The former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) isn’t letting a Democratic lawmaker off easy after she accused the border officials of intentionally causing deaths of immigrant children at the southern border.

Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-Ill.) said at Wednesday’s hearing with acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan that the “evidence” makes it “really clear that this is intentional, it’s a policy choice being made on purpose by this administration and it’s cruel and inhumane.”

Her remarks come after a 16-year-old Guatemalan migrant died at the U.S.-Mexico border on Monday, becoming the fifth death of a Guatemalan migrant child at the border.

The acting DHS secretary said the current situation at the border is causing resources to be depleted — causing the congresswoman to question it as more than a matter of resources.

McAleenan defended border officials and called Underwood’s comment “appalling”:

“Our men and women fight hard to protect people in our custody every single day. We’ve asked for [these] resources three weeks ago … and we’ve asked for changes in authorities for the last three years that would have prevented this from happening.”

Ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) called for Underwood’s comment to be “taken down,” which was approved and she could face punishment, as USA Today reported.

Watch the video below:

Former acting ICE director Tom Homan told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that Underwood’s accusation is “disgusting.”

Homan noted that over 4,000 migrants found medically distressed were rescued by border officials last year, “so to dishonor them in this way is insulting.”

Border officials “leave the safety and security of their home to go out and defend this nation,” as Homan says. He continued:

“[…] Moral is at an all-time low right now because they didn’t join this agency to change diapers, make formula, … but these men and women are used to arresting people because they violated [the] law and making [them] see a judge. These men and women are now processing these family groups just to release them an hour later. This isn’t the job they signed up for. And for this congressman to attack these men and woman is just disgusting.”

See his reaction below:

While officials at the border are overwhelmed due to a massive increase of immigrants trying to cross the border, as IJR Red reported, McAleenan said during this week’s hearing that it’s only getting worse with “100 percent” of illegal immigrant families being released into communities throughout the U.S.

“Every day that Congress does not act puts more lives at risk and increases the burden on the system,” McAleenan said.


  1. Dems have created this crisis by failing to support border security and all humanitarian collateral damage is blood on their collective hands.

  2. I notice many diseases we thought were controlled making a big comeback with so many people flooding in illegally. People coming here legally have to see a doctor and get a clean bill of health before they come here.

  3. She is a nurse so she should know that illness sometimes leads to death. And as a nurse we can send all the sick illegal aliens to her house so that she can nurse them back to health . . . on her own dime, which of course comes from the tax payers.

  4. Another left leaning not listening liberal….making up her own facts. She needs to go to the border and help ICE for a day or two then spout her stuff off.

  5. There is no limit to what a liberal will do or say to disparage President Trump’s presidency. But this is unforgivable. What evil dwells in her mind.

  6. So has “UnderPants” ever visited the Boarder or any of the facilitation needed to deal with the volume of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS entering our Country…….they should waltz her ass down to the Boarder and let her experience for a few weeks just what the hell is really happening down there!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Underwear should be laundered at least once in a while…oh, Underwood. Well, her too.

  8. She shows her ignorance and not willing to know or speak truth.Why are I surprised at her

  9. Many of the individuals who are seeking entrance to our country are very ill when they report to the Border agents. Those exhibiting illness, injury, delivery, etc. are taken to a hospital for treatment. Travelers need to know of the situation at the border and in Mexico. Congress needs to stop all the free everything to these people. Our own people are needy. Our senior citizens and those about to collect Social Security checks worry the money they have put into the system all their working lives will not be there because the money is being used for illegals. Congress seems to have a majority of head- in- the- sand people!

    1. AMEN, Helen! They are so blinded by their hatred and anger that President Trump beat their queen Hillary, they can’t see the forest for the trees. And as they say, none are so blind as they who WILL NOT see.

  10. I noted that this woman may incur some sort of discipline. That is highly doubtful since Democrats are not held to the same standards as others. They are allowed to say and do whatever they want, violate rules over and over again and are still defended and sheltered by the Democratic leadership. Some how this needs to change.

  11. Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-Ill.) is just about as smart as she looks and more disgusting than you can imagine. She needs to haul her stupid butt down to the border to see what really goes on there. Another disgusting Demorat. And these people think this is the way to win elections. Sorry, but the American people are smarter then you think we are. We know stupid scumbags when we see or hear them.

    1. Rep. Underwood is as dumb as they come. Just another raciest.

    2. Illinois Democrats can’t help it. They are all abortion survivors. Right after their brains were sucked out.

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