Former Al-Qaeda Hostage Accuses FBI of Betrayal, Misguiding Parents: ‘I Can Prove It’

American photojournalist Matt Schrier appeared on Fox News on Tuesday and dropped a bold claim: the FBI betrayed him in order to track Al-Qaeda while he was being held by al Nusra and tortured in Syria.

Schrier is saying that the FBI valued gathering intelligence over his security as it aimed to track computers and tablets to learn about future plots.

The host pressured Schrier, saying, “Former intelligence officials told Fox the theory is more than plausible, it’s a big allegation to make.” But Schrier responded, “I can prove it.”

“At first, I thought it was incompetence, but the more I dug, the larger the pattern became until obviously it was not coincidence, coincidence, coincidence. I found emails from the FBI trying to convince my mother I was OK. Six months in, I found records of them buying laptops and tablets.

The FBI said they froze my bank accounts … she left them open so that they could continue to steal the money and buy laptops. Citibank eventually froze them over six months in. The same day Citibank froze them, she sent my mother an email telling her that my accounts had been frozen, more proof that they were monitoring my financial records and lying about it… She hacked into my PayPal account illegally and told my mother she had a subpoena for PayPal.

…No subpoena exists.

It’s just one thing on top of another. They never told my father I was kidnapped, which is one of the reasons they were trying to convince my mother I was OK. They knew they were estranged, didn’t want her to tell him. Eventually, my mother got into my AOL account because they couldn’t get subpoenas for … AOL.”

“I wrote James Comey, emails, no response; sent him a message on Facebook and he blocked me. It’s — it’s absurd to think they didn’t know. They had to know,” he said.

Watch the video below.

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