Former Clinton Strategist Says There’s ‘Still a Political Logic There’ for a Hillary Clinton 2020 Bid

Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Former Clinton strategist Mark Penn says not to close off the idea of a 2020 presidential run for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Penn added to the speculation that Clinton may end up jumping into the crowded Democratic presidential primary race.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” on Sunday, the former strategist was asked by host Maria Bartiromo if Clinton would join the race.

“There’s still a couple of days here,” Penn responded. He added:

“I don’t know whether she’ll look at the Michael Bloomberg thing and say, ‘The field’s too crowded now. I missed my opportunity,’ or the opposite, ‘Wow, the field’s weak, I could come in. I could get 165,000 donors, I’m tied with Biden in some of these early states…’ There’s still a political logic there for her.”

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Penn’s comments came as former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is considering running for president in 2020, in which he filed paperwork in Alabama on November 7 to run in the Democratic primary.

“I think Michael Bloomberg saw that opportunity and made a pretty intelligent decision,” Penn said on Fox News, adding, “For him, it’s now or never in terms of running for president, so why not get in and shake up the Democratic Party.”

“I think Bloomberg has said directly he thinks the field is weak but I do think that Biden’s gonna have a test in Iowa and New Hampshire. If Biden doesn’t come through that test and at the end of those two has to drop out, then I think that’s going to present a clear field for Bloomberg in the moderate wing. If Biden does particularly well in those states, that might block the Bloomberg effort and he’ll never get off the ground, so a lot of pressure is put on the Biden campaign now to deliver in the early states.”

“I think the big question is whether Bloomberg will be put into the debates or not regardless of his polling numbers, he needs 165,000 small donors and while people seem to like billionaires as presidents,” he continued, adding, “… the Democratic Party says if you don’t have a 165,000 small donors, you don’t qualify for the debates, and that is a problem for Michael Bloomberg.”

As IJR previously reported, a former adviser to former President Bill Clinton previously suggested that the former secretary of state “feels that God put her on the Earth” to be president.

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