Former Deputy Labor Sec: ‘The Secret Service Might Be Looking Me Up’ If He Tweeted Hillary Meme

On Monday morning, one topic, in particular, was discussed all over cable news, and that was President Donald Trump’s Sunday retweet of an animated GIF that made it look like he hit Hillary Clinton with a chipped golf ball.

On CNN’s “At This Hour with Kate Bolduan,” former Deputy Labor Secretary Chris Lu gave a succinct summation of his issues with the tweet.

“I know that as a former White House staffer, if I had tweeted that, I would have been fired instantly,” he began. “And as a private citizen, I had been advocating potential violence against somebody under the Secret Service protection, I’m sure the Secret Service might be looking me up.”

Clinton is under Secret Service protection as a former first lady.

Lu added that he also found it concerning that Trump spends any time on this. That Trump has recently increased the amount of retweets on his timeline and that they are often not from accounts he follows indicates that he keeps up with his mentions and does not have them restricted to other verified accounts, so he’s sorting through a very large quantity of tweets.

The segment closed with Lu expressing concern over how Trump’s tweets will affect his perception at the United Nations. “This is the president, his words matter, and you’ll see over the next couple days in New York, the ability of foreign leaders to trust him really depends on whether his words matter or not.”

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