Former ESPN Host Britt McHenry Claims That She Was Fired for Being Conservative


Back in April, sports network ESPN let go around 100 of its writers and reporters as the company moved to save some money in response to plummeting ratings.

Many are pointing to ESPN’s gradual shift toward the political realm. What used to be a channel dominated by “SportsCenter” and live games has now begun to look like a major news network — talking heads and left-wing politics included.

On Monday, former reporter Britt McHenry, who was part of those layoffs, implied on Twitter that she was fired for her conservative political leanings.

In a now-deleted response to a comment about ESPN’s liberal leanings, McHenry wrote:

“I mean I’ve been openly Conservative…look how that ended up.”

The 31-year-old quickly deleted the tweet once it began to gain some traction, but she did follow up with a few more notes:

McHenry has not been shy about her conservative leanings in the past. She once rubbed elbows with House Speaker Paul Ryan and even praised First Lady Melania Trump’s sense of style in the past, among many other things.

McHenry was blasted by the media back in 2015 after a video went viral showing her berating a tow truck employee, insulting her intelligence and appearance numerous times in a vulgar rant.

ESPN suspended her for a week following the incident.

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