Former GOP Rep Calls For Impeachment of Trump and ‘Chief Enabler’ Pence

Donald Trump, Mike Pence
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Former Republican Congressman Tom Coleman came out swinging against President Donald Trump in a scathing op-ed, calling for his impeachment and reminded Congress he’s not the only one that needs to go.

Coleman’s op-ed, published in the Kansas City Star on Friday, argues that just because the Trump campaign’s actions weren’t considered criminal by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, that doesn’t mean they’re not impeachable.

“[T]he net effect was that the Trump campaign encouraged a foreign adversary to use and misrepresent stolen information on social media platforms to defraud U.S. voters,” the former Missouri representative wrote. “Because the presidency was won in this way, the president’s election victory brought forth nothing less than an illegitimate presidency.”

Coleman claims that because Trump’s presidency is illegitimate, so is Mike Pence‘s vice presidency.

“[Trump’s] illegitimacy would survive through Vice President Mike Pence’s succession to the presidency,” he wrote. Coleman referred to Pence as the “chief enabler” to Trump.

“To hand the presidency to an illegitimate vice president would be to approve and reward the wrongdoing while the lingering stench of corruption would trail any Pence administration, guaranteeing an untenable presidency. If Trump is impeached, then Pence should not be allowed to become president.”

Talks of impeachment have been heating up in Congress lately as Democrats are angered that the Trump administration is ignoring their multiple subpoena requests. Tensions heightened this weekend when Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) became the first Republican lawmaker to say that Trump has committed impeachable offenses.

However, some Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), are holding back on impeachment in fear that the political repercussions could lead to a second term for Trump

Coleman called this fear “understandable” but argued that doing nothing is worse.

“What if House Democrats decide not to embark on impeachment? If that were the case, I believe the public would conclude Democrats are no better than the Republicans who have enabled Trump for the past two years, putting party above country.”

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There, fixed it for you!


Who’s Tom Coleman and from what poisoned well has he been drinking? Perhaps he’s looking for a job at CNN but he’ll have to get in line behind John Walker Lindh. He has bona fides.

Bruce Bourbon

Assuming that every claim in this article is 100% true, where is the balanced reporting. Comey, McCabe, Stroch and Page are gone and it seems irrefutable that the Clinton campaign and Fusion GPS funded the Trump dossier and the FBI lied by omission to the FISA court to get the “remove Trump” effort started. There seems to be ample wrongdoing on both sides of the aisle, with the People being exploited by both. Each side uses those “facts” that support their narrative, while ignoring those inconvenient facts that are being used by the other side. The press should be in… Read more »


Looks like another former RINO has crossed over to the loser side of the intelligence meter. He’s in good company as in McCain, Flake and a few others with (R-D) behind their names.


Is this why he’s referred to as “former representative” Tom Coleman ? There’s a reason for that. Notice how absent all the “never-Trumpers” have become after the last elections!





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