Former Greenpeace President Clocks AOC’s Green New Deal Again ― This Time Trump Was Watching

Former president of the environmentalist group Greenpeace Patrick Moore has been one of the Green New Deal’s biggest critics and his latest interview on “Fox & Friends” even caught President Donald Trump’s eye.

As IJR previously reported, Moore started his criticism of the Green New Deal in a series of tweets on Twitter, calling the plan “completely crazy” and singling out the resolution’s author Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for the short-sighted aspects of her proposal.

On Tuesday morning, he reiterated those sentiments to Fox News, explaining how Ocasio-Cortez’s arrogance on the issue of climate frustrated him. He also took a jab at the science used by climate activist, breaking with the majority of the scientific community that believes climate change is a crisis.


“Well, it’s a silly plan. That’s why I suggested [Ocasio-Cortez] was a pompous little twit — twit meaning silly in the British lexicon and pompous meaning arrogant. She really rubbed me the wrong way when she said she’s the boss because she can make up a proposal that’s completely ridiculous and no one else did. The whole climate crisis is not only fake news, it’s fake science. There is no climate crisis, there’s weather and climate all around the world, and in fact carbon dioxide is the main building block of all life.”

Moore noted that “climate change is real,” but argued that it has been happening throughout the history of the planet. He argues that it’s not man-made or “dangerous,” however. He stated that he believes the climate activists are “instilling fear” into people about carbon in the atmosphere.

Moore is a part of the CO2 Coalition, a nonprofit group that argues that CO2 emissions are not bad for the planet, despite the consensus in the scientific community. They argue that government-funded studies on climate change are biased and have their own research that tells a different story about climate change.

President Trump is also skeptical of climate change science. As IJR Blue reported, he has disagreed with his own government agencies on the threat of climate change and has since set up a committee of scientists to investigate the consensus, which is being led by a member of the CO2 Coalition.

After watching “Fox & Friends,” Trump tweeted out a quote by Moore.

While a majority of scientists are on the same page about the threat of climate change, it looks like Moore and his peers have the president’s blessing to continue to try and poke holes in the research.


  1. WOW, Mr. Moore!! Slap that twit (fool) down again! But we all know there actually IS climate change. It’s been known for thousands of years as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Would be impossible for the NY twit to make any changes to that scenario. She’ll never be that big of a “boss”.

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