Former Marine Sets an Example in American Respect After Seeing Flag on Ground in Route as FedEx Driver

Security footage shared on social media this weekend shows a former U.S. Marine, who noticed an American flag had been knocked down in the wind during his route as a FedEx driver, committing a small act of patriotism.

In the video, Mike King can be seen picking up a flagpole up from a yard, detaching the American flag, and taking the time to carefully fold it after walking up to the house it belongs to — even though he wasn’t delivering there on Wednesday.

When homeowner Gail Cook got home, she was touched to find the flag, along with her Baltimore Ravens flag, neatly folded on her porch and to see King on the security tape. According to Cook, other cars drove by before he pulled over to help.

“He was just driving by and stopped,” she told The Baltimore Sun. “He’s a former Marine, and for him to do that, it was just so nice of him.”

Watch the video below:

“He did this not knowing anyone was watching — he just did it because it’s the right thing to do,” Cook continued. “And we just really appreciate that he took the time to do that for us.”

According to the outlet, FedEx commended King’s actions in a statement:

FedEx Ground is proud of the many contributions our team members and vendors make to our local communities every day. We commend the patriotic actions of Mike King, a service provider employee who went above and beyond to properly care for a fallen American flag while on his route.

The veteran’s example of American respect comes after another good Samaritan was caught on camera picking up and folding a flag for a neighbor, who later shared her thoughts on the incident in a Facebook post:

Talk about admirable. I’m not sure who this is, but I truly thank you. You’re a remarkable human and I am honored that you know flag etiquette (better than I do). He folded it correctly then placed it on a chair as to not allow it to lay on the ground. I’m so honored. It’s not often that the current generation gets recognized for doing something so patriotic. I appreciate and applaud you, sir!

Both occasions highlight the respect many Americans hold for the flag as the nation is in the middle of a debate surrounding the national anthem and the flag.

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Ms. Becker, thanks for a positive story. It not only highlights patriotism, but the values of civility and neighborliness. I, for one, am impressed that the Marine (no exes) took the time and care to properly fold the flag.





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