Former NFL Coach Thinks Kaepernick’s Position as Back Up QB Has Nothing to Do With His Protest

Not shockingly, Colin Kaepernick protested the national anthem during the October 6th game between his San Fransisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals.

And yet again, Kaepernick went from kneeling on the field to sitting on the bench.

Last November, former head coach Jim Tomsula made the decision to make Kaepernick the back up quarterback to Blaine Gabbert. Even though the 49ers have since revamped their coaching staff, Kaepernick remains on the bench.

Many people speculate that it could be because the 49ers organization wasn’t, and still isn’t, impressed by Kaepernick’s protest during “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Former NFL wide receiver and NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders said before Thursday night’s game that he would “hate” if that were the case:

Chip Kelly has publicly commended his backup quarterback for his stance, making it hard to believe that Kaepernick’s protest is the reason for his lack of play time:

“We recognize and respect Kap’s decision, and his constitutional rights to do what he’s doing. It’s sounds like it’s been a positive change. There’s been a lot of positive things come out of it.”

Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher doesn’t think that Kaepernick’s protest is the reason for his lack of playing time at all. In fact, Cowher believes Kaepernick is the 49ers backup quarterback because he isn’t “a leader. He’s a loner.”

And despite Kaepernick’s statistics being better than Gabbert’s, Cowher, Sanders, and a few of his teammates have seen Kaepernick’s passion for the sport start to diminish.

Sanders pointed out during Thursday Night’s pregame show that those teammates would like to see Kaepernick show more enthusiasm and dedication towards getting his starting position back.

All opinions about Kaepernick aside, those in attendance at last night’s game did end up chanting for the quarterback after the 49ers lost their fourth game of the season.

And after another loss, Coach Kelly told the media:

“We’re 1-4. We’re going to look at everything. We have to make sure we’re giving our team the best chance to go out and win.”