Former Planned Parenthood Director Is Awarded Millions for Being Wrongfully Terminated

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When it comes to her case in being wrongfully terminated by Planned Parenthood, Mayra Rodriguez says she wants to show others that “the truth will prevail.”

“I hope my case is a lesson to other workers that shows them that the truth will prevail,” she said. “I also hope my case is a lesson to employers who abuse their power: sometimes the underdog wins and justice will be done.”

Rodriguez was a long-time director of three Planned Parenthood locations in Arizona, but after 17 years she was terminated from her job in October of 2017. Her ousted occurred after she spoke out about alleged illegal conduct within the company, including falsification of affidavits and patient records, incomplete abortion, among other reasons.

She then sought to bring justice as she sued the non-profit organization for wrongful termination.

Two weeks after the trial began, Rodriguez gained victory on Friday as an Arizona court ruled unanimously in favor of the former director and awarded her with $3 million in damages.

Rodriguez said the organization who claims to “want to help and stand up for immigrants” is “not true,” as she says her former Planned Parenthood executives would call her a “liar” and “shamed me for my immigration status.”

“But here we are, the jury heard the truth,” Rodriguez added.

Another former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson — who is now the director of And Then There Were None — said, “Standing with [Rodriguez] through the trial and rejoicing in the ultimate victory has been amazing.”

Johnson and Rodriguez were both rewarded the Employee of the Year at Planned Parenthood the year prior to the end of their time at the organization.

Johnson also shared that she’s faced Planned Parenthood in court and “watching your friends lie about you” is not an easy thing.

“It’s always good to take down Planned Parenthood but it’s not without hurt,” she said.

Planned Parenthood has previously come under fire, being accused of discrimination such as ousting pregnant employees.

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William Conley
William Conley

This organization needs to be cut off from any and all Federal funding or at least when we are taxed we can check a box stating we want none of our tax dollars used by or for planned Parenthood. I mean we do have the right to say what we want our money used for right and should have they right.


Finally, a jury and judge that rules according to the law.


Why is it the Left SUPPORTS murdering newborn babies; but wants an ineffective “assault” weapons ban to prevent murders? Must be that POWER and CONTROL thing they read about in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” manual.


Ms. Rodriguez raises the issue of “immigration status” which implies she’s here illegally.

Aren’t there federal laws against employing illegal invaders? There ARE and they should be strictly enforced with criminal penalties and massive fines.

Karin Callaway

If this is a non-profit organization, why was it selling baby parts? While getting subsidized by our Tax Dollars. We were never asked and I sure as heck would not donate to be complicit in murder.

Don Snyder

Why is this organization funded by the government? They kill people for a living.


Money, corruption, murder. It’s almost like organized crime or the Clintons.





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