Fox Business Host Doesn’t Think Trump Has Ever Lied to the American People

Fox Business host Stuart Varney kept a straight face on Friday and boldly claimed that Donald Trump never lies, despite the president’s well-documented trouble with the truth.

Republican Joe Walsh — who is challenging Trump in 2020 — said, “I do believe we’ve never had a situation like this where we have a president who we fundamentally can’t believe. I do believe he lies virtually every time he opens his mouth.”

Varney asked for an example, and Walsh said, “I’ll give you an example just from yesterday, and even his staff, Stuart, admitted that he lied this week when he said there were high-level phone calls between the United States and China. Trump said that repeatedly, his staff came out yesterday and admitted that the President of the United States lied to the world to manipulate the markets.”

Walsh appears to be citing a CNN story in which Trump aides admitted that the president lied about those high-level talks that supposedly went on with the Chinese.

“That’s not a lie, let’s not get technical. It’s not a lie,” Varney shot back. “If the man says — and he did — that high-level talks had been held with China, that is not a lie. They were held with China.”

When asked if he doesn’t believe that it’s a lie, Varney answered, “No, I don’t.”

Moments later, when asked if he believes that the president lies, Varney said with a straight face, “no, he exaggerates and spins.”

When Walsh asked if Trump has ever “told the American people a lie,” Varney denied it again.

Here’s that clip:

The Washington Post’s running fact-checker counts over 12,000 instances of President Trump making false or misleading statements. Among other things, he has incorrectly claimed on at least 162 occasions that he passed the biggest tax cut in history and frequently lied about his payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels.


  1. Shall we begin counting the times #44 out right lied to the American people and the World? This is only a big deal now because the Socialists HATE Trump because he beat their unfit radicalized Queen.

    1. I am confused.

      Are you saying that King Donald The Loser hasn’t lied or stated mistruths well over 12,000 times?

      It seems only Republicans are obsessed with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  2. Re: lies “Fox Business host Stuart Varney kept a straight face on Friday” Article

    And this is a serious problem. If we can’t agree on the ground rules about truth, we have no discussion.

    Barney doesn’t believe that King Donald The Loser hasn’t lied. He covers them every day. He is lying himself.

    So confusing.

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