Fox Business Network Host Lou Dobbs Spreads Conspiracy Theory About ‘Fake Bombs’

Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs dove headfirst into a conspiracy theory on Thursday morning, shooting off a tweet suggesting that the bombs that were targeted at a number of top Democratic figures and news organizations were fake.

As the Secret Service and mail inspectors intercepted the suspicious packages, the voices of the far-right media went into overdrive calling the bombs “false flags.” Radio hosts Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage both jumped on the air to suggest that the packages were some sort of elaborate setup meant to fuel Democratic votes in the midterms.

However, Dobbs — who hosts a show on Fox Business Network — was by far the biggest name to strap on a tinfoil hat and bark absurdities into the world wide web.

The host quickly deleted the tweet, but it was preserved via screenshot by a number of accounts:

The remark puts Dobbs in a league with voices in the fringe corners of the spectrum like Infowars — the website largely responsible for spreading the conspiracy that the Sandy Hook shootings were a “false flag.” Just after Dobbs tweeted about the “fake bombs,” Infowars ran a story with the headline “Breaking: Law Enforcement Confirms Pipe Bombs Are Fake!”

Of course, Fox has a less-than-admirable record when it comes to peddling unfounded conspiracies. Sean Hannity gave a megaphone to the Seth Rich conspiracy theory (which connected a murdered DNC staffer with WikiLeaks) on his show. Rich’s family later leveled a lawsuit at the organization.

On the air, Fox hosts barely attempted to beat back the “fake bomb” conspiracies. On Martha McCullum’s program, after a guest peddled the “false flag” idea, the Fox host replied simply “fascinating.” Left-wing media watchdog Media Matters published a report on Thursday noting that three different Fox guests suggested that the bombs were fake or “false flags.”

When IJR reached out to Fox about Dobbs’ tweet, a spokesperson pointed us to another tweet. Our questions about whether Dobbs will face any consequences or whether Fox has any sort of rules about their employees’ social media use went unanswered.

Please note: This is a commentary piece. The views and opinions expressed within it are those of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of IJR.


  1. I agree with Dobbs. Look at previous bomb scares in the past, someone always got hurt or killed. These packages were impotent. None of them reached their intended victim. Just a scare tactic. A real bomber, who was apparently so outraged by the political tension, and nuts enough to follow through on some form of retaliation, would not be satisfied with just a weak scare. The lib pundits jumped on attacking Trump and others on the right much too quickly. Real threats hurt people, like Scalise.

  2. Putrid garbage theory – sounds more like something republicans would try to pull off!

  3. I agree with Phoenix. No Damned aluminum hats until there is proof as to what weirdo(es) are behind this heinous group of sendings.
    Imagine how stupid one will look, on either ‘side’ if one is proven to be barking up the wrong tree.
    Let the ATF, FBI and NSA catch this wacko(s) and deal with them accordingly.
    Our country is in danger, my friends; both the libs and the righties have reason to fear.

  4. If my work life required me to be a source of truth that is objective, then I’d probably temper my personal views publicly until there is absolute proof.

    Not a smart move.

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