Fox Contributor Rips AOC for Claiming Climate Change Prompted Migrant Caravans: ‘Ridiculous, Even for Her’

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Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones III caught wind of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) latest attack at the “far-right” on immigration and her claim that a major factor “fueling” global migration is climate change — and he’s calling it “a little ridiculous, even for her.”

In a Tuesday tweet, the self-described democratic socialist claimed that “the far-right loves to drum up fear & resistance to immigrants.”

She went on to explain her belief that immigrants are fleeing their homes because of one major factor — climate change.

Ocasio-Cortez has pushed climate change in several of her posts, including about her Green New Deal proposal — which was swiped down in the Senate.

“This is a little ridiculous, even for her,” Jones told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

The Fox contributor and Campus Reform editor-in-chief went on to explain that when people are supporting illegal immigration, they’re “emboldening” the movement by drug cartels.

“It is not climate change that is causing people to get across this border,” he added, adding that the dictatorship in those governments is “corrupt.”

“To see her make this comment as a sitting [congresswoman], I think it’s beneath the office,” Jones said.

He sent a message to Ocasio-Cortez and other members of Congress who are pushing back at addressing the immigration situation at the U.S.-Mexico border:

“My message has become one of my top issues: to see what the Border Patrol is going through. It’s unbelievable. […] Take your pick on what needs to happen. It’s not just a border wall, they need all forms of communication and technology on the ground.”

Watch the video below:

Jones found himself recently coming under fire by several after Ocasio-Cortez mocked him for wearing a vest for protection while reporting at the southern border, as IJR Red reported.

“Does ‘live from the border’ mean Party City?” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted last Thursday. “Fox is really out here doing the most on a budget to make the border look more dangerous than it is.”

This reaction drew a response from Jones:

Jones again called out Ocasio-Cortez after she mocked him and the border security crisis.

As IJR Red reported, the freshman representative took some heat when she used an apparent southern accent at an Al Sharpton event last Friday while speaking to an audience that was made up mostly of individuals who are black.

In recent months, law enforcement at the southern border has become overwhelmed, including during the month of March when over 103,000 people were apprehended by U.S. Border and Customs Protection — a spike of 106% from the previous year and a 45.3% increase of family unit apprehensions from February.

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Let’s test this child’s theory. Cut off all benefits, including catch & release, start shooting and spread the word.

She’s so f’ing stupid. These people are uneducated, unskilled, and unemployed. They are fleeing their 3rd world shitholes because Uncle Sugar will give them “free” shit our tax dollars buy. They aren’t fleeing climate change because their home countries are already sweltering, disease-infested, “paradises”. She should look up “subtropical” and “tropical”. Like PR.


Ocasio-Cortez – or is it – Occasionally Coherent?





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