‘Fox & Friends’ Defends Mike Pence: ‘What’s Wrong With a Man Who Doesn’t Want to Cheat on His Wife?’

During a segment on Tuesday morning, “Fox & Friends” tackled the recent criticism of Vice President Mike Pence’s religious views by both former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman and members of “The View.”

Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt first played a clip of Manigault Newman claiming Pence would be a scarier president than President Donald Trump because he believes Jesus Christ “tells him to say things.” Then Earhardt showed members of “The View” comparing Pence’s religious beliefs to “mental illness.”

“Can he talk to Mary Magdalene without his wife in the room?” co-host Joy Behar joked.

“Truth Exchange” host Kathy Barnette weighed in on the continued mocking of the vice president, stating that “what we typically see from the left, that if they don’t understand something, they have a tendency to try to despise it or mock it because they don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Barnette also dismissed Manigault Newman’s comments as simply her “looking for relevance.”

“I don’t know sometimes if we’re dealing with hypocrisy or if we’re dealing with really demented or deranged people,” she added.

Earhardt also argued that progressive voices are hypocritical for talking about the #MeToo movement and then mocking “the vice president who doesn’t want to go to dinner or go to an alcoholic event without his wife.”

“He’s trying to do the right thing,” the Fox News host added. “He’s trying not to put himself in a bad position. What’s wrong with a man who doesn’t want to cheat on his wife? I think that’s wonderful.”

Watch the segment above, via Fox News.

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