‘Fox & Friends’ Slams ‘Racist’ Late Night Mockery of Melania: ‘Like a Dagger to the Heart’

“Fox & Friends” went off on Thursday over Jimmy Kimmel’s segment on first lady Melania Trump, calling his mockery of her accent “racist.”

Ainsley Earhardt spoke to Fox contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy about the late night segment during which Kimmel poked fun at the first lady and impersonated her Slovenian accent during a children’s reading session at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

“To be mocked for your foreign accent when you worked so hard to learn the language feels like a dagger to the heart,” Campos-Duffy said, explaining that her mother is an immigrant who taught herself English.

Check out the “Fox & Friends” discussion below.

Campos-Duffy went on to praise polyglot Melania Trump’s efforts to lead the country despite not being a native, and attacked the media for praising former first lady Michelle Obama’s accomplishments while ignoring those of the current first lady.

“Michelle Obama was the first black first lady of the United States. She was treated by Hollywood and the media like royalty,” Campos-Duffy argued. “Melania also broke barriers. She is the first immigrant first lady since the early 1800s. And she is doing a fantastic job. There is never a kind or encouraging word. They never give her any credit.”

Earhardt jumped in to bash Kimmel’s segment as well, saying that if it was a conservative show saying the same things about the Obama family, it would be criticized as racist.

“If he had done this to Michelle Obama,” Earhardt said, “wouldn’t everyone in the mainstream media would have him on there if he were conservative, saying he is a racist?”

Campos-Duffy concluded that liberals “only like a certain type of immigrant — the ones that they can use to advance their ideological agenda.” She said that people on the left “have no use” for conservative immigrants and called on the media to give the first lady and her children the same privacy and respect reserved for previous administrations.

Watch the entire Kimmel segment below.

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