‘The Five’ Comes to Chelsea Clinton’s Defense: ‘Who on the Left Is Going to Stand Up and Do That?’


During an episode of Fox News’ “The Five,” the hosts came to Chelsea Clinton’s defense after continued backlash over her comments against anti-Semitism.

As IJR Red reported, Clinton was confronted by NYU students after a vigil for the victims of the New Zealand shooting. Although many came to her defense, the students wrote an op-ed for Buzzfeed, continuing to defend what they said.


However, the hosts of “The Five” questioned the lack of liberal support, with co-host Dana Perino questioning why Clinton didn’t defend herself.

“Wouldn’t it have been great if she had said ‘let me tell you a couple things?’ Who’s going to stand up on the left and say ‘enough?’ Who is that going to be? It can’t be us … Who on the left is going to stand up and do that? Will it be Kamala Harris or Beto O’Rourke or Joe Biden?”

Watch their comments below:

In the op-ed, the students called Representative Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) controversial comments “truth” while also claiming that Clinton was instigating hatred toward the Muslim congresswoman.

“Just weeks before this tragedy, we bore witness to a bigoted, anti-Muslim mob coming after Rep. Ilhan Omar for speaking the truth about the massive influence of the Israel lobby in this country,” the students wrote in the op-ed. “As people in unwavering solidarity with Palestinians in their struggle for freedom and human rights, we were profoundly disappointed when Chelsea Clinton used her platform to fan those flames.”

However, co-host Emily Compagno said it was strange to go after “the most benign person ever to make their point,” especially after Omar responded to Clinton’s comments in a positive way.

Greg Gutfeld also pointed out that the students were not attempting to see why Omar’s critics were calling her out in the first place.

“The students are equating denunciation of anti-Semitism with anti-Muslim bigotry. That’s really scary because that means you shouldn’t be criticizing anti-Semitism,” Gutfeld said.

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It appears to be perfectly okay for a Muslim to denigrate and want/need to kill Jews and Christians (per their Qur’an); but it’s not okay to call them out for not wanting to be a decent, compassionate member of the human race. Just like our two-tier Justice system: Works for thee (Right); but not for me (Leftists).


Someone please attempt to connect the dots between denouncing anti-Semitism and a mass shooting of Muslims. Please.


Morons. The shooter caused the shooting and he deliberately chose to use guns to maximize divisiveness, per his manifesto. q.v. bombs, fire, vehicles, etc. I’d bet large, real money that Chelsea’s remarks about anti-Semitism had ZERO influence on the shooter’s choices.

So others, besides the actual party, are at fault? Try arguing that your car had an accident, that food made you fat, or that Leftist indoctrination made you stupid. Personal responsibility. Try it some time.





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