Fox Contributor Won’t ‘Stand Down’ from Exposing Truth After Racist Insults from ‘Impeach Trump’ Rallygoers

Fox News/YouTube

Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones exposed the racism present at an “Impeach Trump” rally over the weekend but made it clear the experience won’t stop him from doing his job during an interview with Sean Hannity on Monday night.

“This is who they are, Sean. You know, so often those of us that are on the right are painted as the racist people, the hateful people,” said Jones reflecting upon the incident.

According to Jones, one protester told him to go “pick cotton” and another told him to “go back to Kenya.”

“I was just asking these people simple questions about if they felt like the president should be impeached or not, these guys come up to me and they say, you know, ‘go back to Fox News to pick cotton,’ they say ‘go back to Kenya.’ This is who these people are. But I doubt many people in the media are going to condemn these people.”

Jones claimed that the racist attacks were made out of fear of Republican policies and how they could possibly benefit minority communities.


“These guys are upset and they’re fearful. Notice these were not black people saying this, this was the white liberals saying these type of things because they know that with our reports and exposing the poverty and the failure of policies that all these Democrat cities have been doing to many people that look like me. They don’t want to be exposed.”

Despite the hateful rhetoric, Jones vowed not to stay silent about the issue and that he would continue reaching out to minority communities.

“If they think I’m going to stand down because they yelled obscene things at me, they’ve got another thing coming,” said Jones.

However, the contributor admitted that some of the blame lies with Republicans, who he says have done a poor job of reaching out to minority communities to explain how their policies are beneficial for all Americans.

“I feel like the Republicans have failed to communicate our message,” said Jones. “We have all the policy positions that help black America, but we don’t go into those communities.”

The GOP may have an opportunity to turn that around under President Donald Trump. As IJR Red reported, minority unemployment is extremely low and minority job opportunities are at an all-time high.

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