Fox News Tries to Scare Viewers With ‘Radical New Democratic Ideas’ — But Some of Them Sound Great

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On Tuesday night, Fox News host Laura Ingraham continued her never-ending monologue aimed at scaring the “Make America Great Again” hats right off the heads of her almost entirely white audience. But her fear-mongering eventually became its own joke.

In her latest diatribe, Ingraham warned viewers that Ayanna Pressley — a congresswoman-elect, who is the first black woman to be elected to Congress from Massachusetts — is “on a warpath against white men.” And later in the program, she presented Pressley among three other progressive women who she accused of espousing “radical new Democratic ideas.”

The other three women were Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. All of these women made history with their election victories — Omar and Tlaib are the first Muslim women elected to Congress and 29-year-old Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

But, to a lot of people, ideas like “free college” and “free healthcare” sound pretty great. And the screenshot from Ingraham’s show became the latest meme.

And, of course, there were some outrageous spin-offs by the more creative minds on Twitter:

Even Ocasio-Cortez herself had some fun with the joke:

The ideas that Ingraham warned her viewers about are generally those harbored by the Democratic Socialists who have become a mainstream force in the wake of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign.

But, while the word “socialist” might sound scary, polls have begun showing that’s how a lot of millennial Democrats see themselves, so it’s not entirely surprising that they are electing representatives who embody these ideas.

The most common criticism that the progressives encounter is that their pie-in-the-sky ideas are just too unrealistic and there’s no way that they can possibly pay for them. But Ocasio-Cortez argues that some of our systems (like the health care system) are already so broken and expensive that government intervention would actually be cheaper.

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Kevin Rhodes

I’m not seeing the downside. A healthy, educated populace that concerns itself with the well-being of others while taking care of the planet? And Fox News & Laura “Nazi salute” Ingraham thinks it’s a bad thing. Here’s a clue: If Fox News and/or The Affirmed Nazi says it’s bad, it’s not.

Rocky Drummond

You all ask how the costs of these plans would be covered, but you never ask about how our continuous wars will be paid, how the agriculture subsidies will be paid, how the oil subsidies will be paid, or how the Space Force will be paid. You ONLY ask about how a liberal program with be covered. Hypocrites…

In the meantime, our schools are physically hurting our children, we rob billions from school funding, our health care costs rise so much they will bankrupt the sick,


Alex Thomas, I DEMAND free ponies for everyone. Not just for the joy/money to be made off children but because they will be tasty. It sounds good to me, as long as handing out free shit is in vogue.


A couple of questions:
1. (already mentioned) how will all this be paid for? Medical personnel and college staffs will not work for free.
2. if everyone has a degree, what does that do to its worth as a qualification? Consider bellybuttons which everyone has.
3. there is a place where education and healthcare are free and they even speak English. It’s called Canada. Move there (if you can make the citizenship requirements. )and leave the rest of us alone.

Robert Aldrich

IJR, You need to dump Alex Thomas! He’s an idiot if he thinks these progressive ideals are even close to possible in the land of capitalism and free trade, plus there are just too many damn people in the world/USA to govern nowadays! Hopefully Mother Earth will continue to Cull the herd!


These are not realistic goals. Even if people like the concept of these items, most will not like the price tag that comes with it. They had better learn to compromise or they will see a whole lot of nothing get done – which helps no one.


None are answering the most basic question. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR ALL OF THIS FREE STUFF?????

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