Freshman Dems Hosted a Press Conference on Defunding ICE: Here Are the Top 5 Most Outrageous Claims

Freshman Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), and Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) held a press conference calling for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be defunded on Thursday.

From claiming that new immigrants are tortured when the enter the United States to calling for all deportations to be stopped, here are five of the most outrageous moments from their speech.

Watch their full remarks below:

Using DACA as evidence Trump doesn’t support legal immigration (5:10).

Ocasio-Cortez delivered a fiery speech in which she spoke out against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. She noted that Trump made a statement of support for legal immigrants during his State of the Union address, but the congresswoman wasn’t buying it.

She said the president has proved that he is against legal immigration. Ocasio-Cortez pointed to several of Trump’s policies that she believes prove that, including cutbacks on the Diversity Visa lottery. However, she also used Trump’s actions against Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) as an example of Trump being against legal immigration.

“The president does not like any form of immigration. He has been cutting down and imposing restrictions on legal forms on the Diversity Visa lottery, on family reunification, and so on. He’s ending (Temporary Protective Status) TPS. He’s ending DACA protections for ‘Dreamers,’ and in doing so, he is taking away the documented status of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Americans.”

The problem with Ocasio-Cortez’s claim is that DACA recipients were in the country illegally. The only reason they were granted documented status was because of an executive order by former President Barack Obama. DACA is not a means of legal immigration.

ICE doesn’t deserve funding (6:40).

Under the Department of Homeland Security, ICE’s role is to enforce the U.S. immigration laws as written by Congress and enforced by the executive branch. While the focus of the Democrats’ press conference was to talk about ICE’s role in deportations, the agency is also responsible for investigating terrorism, stopping international crime like human trafficking, and preventing other countries from stealing intellectual property.

Despite those important duties, Ocasio-Cortez told the crowd that the agency doesn’t deserve a dime:

“We’re here to say that an agency, like ICE, which repeatedly and systematically violates human rights, does not deserve a dime. They do not deserve a dime until they can prove that they are honoring human rights.”

Stop all deportations (9:26).

Last summer, ICE played a major role in deporting a 95-year-old Nazi, Jakiw Palij, back to Germany. ICE also deports violent gang members, including more than 5,000 in 2017 alone.

Despite these deportations that protect Americans and ensure that justice is served to monsters like Palij, Ocasio-Cortez called for ICE to stop all deportations.

“I will not make a political compromise so that just a few kids less die. I will not make a compromise so that we unjustly deport just a few less. No. We will stop these practices altogether, and we will not stop until they are ceased and fully held accountable.”

Immigrants are “detained and tortured” when they enter the U.S. (12:27).

As IJR Blue reports, Omar is a proud Somali refugee, and as such, she has a distinct point of view on what it means to immigrate to the United States. However, she made some outlandish claims about the process of entering the United States during the press conference, even accusing immigration officials of torture:

“I remember what [leaving for America] felt like, but the difference between what is happening to some of these little girls and me is that I didn’t have a cage waiting for me. […] And in this country, in the United States, people are not welcomed [with open arms]. They are separated and processed, they are detained and tortured, and we can’t continue to allow that to happen.”

Trump doesn’t understand the asylum process (16:45).

During her speech, Omar claimed that Trump doesn’t understand those applying for asylum at the border, but Omar may be the one with the facts confused.

She claimed that asylum is the “most legal thing” a person can do, but as the president has noted, there has been a 1,700 percent increase in the number of invalid asylum claims in the U.S. over the past 10 years as people try to enter the U.S. for economic reasons rather than “credible fear” of staying in their home country.

“He also seems to never really understand what it means to seek asylum,” Omar said. “Seeking asylum at a border is the most legal thing anyone can do.”

Please note: This is a commentary piece. The views and opinions expressed within it are those of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of IJR.

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Brenda Hall

These two so called female’s are a disgrace to our sex!!! I want to tell the one that wears that rag on her head, Bitch U R in my country now, if U want to wear the shit U go HOME!!! WE WOMEN OVER HERE FIND U INSULTING!!!
And marrying your brother is INCEST!!!
To the other one, U R just a very NASTY NASTY GIRL, HOW’S OLD WILLY DOING? SHAME ON YOU!!!

Susan Smith
Susan Smith

I was hoping there were pro life people waiting outside for these hateful vile evil women with buckets of “baby” blood!! Disgusting disgraceful satanists!!

Terry Gilfether Phifer

These women just make things up! They are saying legal immigration instead of illegal just so people hear what they think they are saying.OCD said Trump does not believe in Leagal immigration when he distinctly said in his State of Union address that he does. .How old is she? And how much experience does she have–outside of a bar?


Looks like Pelosi needs to do some house training.

Lucy Glorioso

This Omar person, what kind of cages are children put in? Were they being protected from some savage? Are the cages clean? Are they given clean water to drink? Given good nourishing food? Would she have us believe that the sexual organs of young females are not mutilated by the elder women in their tribes? Was she sexually mutilated? Is she performing this practice on small children? Let’s hear the entire story. I’m tired of their complaining about the “service” we give them free of charge


Where do you get your facts, how have you verified them as true? Have you so little faith in the very government of which you are a freshman member? How do you look at yourself, what do you see when you do? Just a non-constituent looking for some sort of supporting information for your stands, trying to better understand you and your positions on things.





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