Explosion Rocks London Underground During AM Rush Hour, Suspected to Be Terror-Related

In what marks the fifth terrorist-labeled attack in London within the past year, Friday morning saw another incident being carried out in London’s crowded Underground subway.

At 8:20 a.m. local time, a presumably homemade explosive device detonated in London’s Parsons Green station, leaving upward of 22 people injured. None of the injuries, according to The New York Times, were life-threatening and it would seem that many of them were caused by the ensuing panic after the explosion.

Described by many at the scene as a “wall of fire,” the device is being labeled as “an improvised explosive device,” according to Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Mark Rowley.

In the wake of the attack, London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, issued a statement on Facebook in which he said that London “utterly condemns the hideous individuals who attempt to use terror to harm us and destroy our way of life.”

British Prime Minister Teresa May, for her part, is said to be monitoring the situation while also calling for a meeting of the U.K. government’s emergency committee on Friday afternoon.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Friday morning to express his thoughts on the attack, also,

Witnesses at the scene describe a frightening experience in a packed subway car.

Adam Davis, a student, recalls being in the car where the device exploded. “I had my headphones on, then I felt a kind of vibration, followed by a wave of heat, and I looked down and the whole carriage was in flames,” he said, adding that the doors of the train car were “jammed with people” and that the situation was “like a stampede.”

He continued by saying that he didn’t see anything “suspicious,” nor did he see “the bucket that’s on the media.”

Davis is referring to a photo that began making the rounds early Friday morning that showed the remnants of an explosive device crafted in a pickle tub:

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