‘Funny’ Video of Father Wrecking Daughter’s Car Goes Viral—But the Truth Reveals a Family in Crisis

A video of an angry father destroying his daughter’s bright red Audi has gone viral on Facebook, gathering up hundreds of thousands of views and a few thousand shares in less than a week.

Many outlets reported that dad Mike Card did the aggressive act after he found his daughter Ashlyn fooling around with a boy in the hand-me-down German sports car.

The video was posted by Card’s son Kaylor on his Facebook page with the caption:

“Yep! When a dad has to prove a point! #DADDYNOTHAPPY”

Yep! When a dad has to prove a point! #DADDYNOTHAPPY Ashlyn Card

Posted by Kaylor Card on Thursday, August 25, 2016

The father’s revenge garnered the family a lot of attention, but many failed to look beyond the surface of the seemingly entertaining video.

Posted by Kaylor Card on Thursday, August 25, 2016

One commenter, who implies Mr. Card has a quick temper, wrote:

“Ole Mike shortened out I’ve seen that temper a few time back in the good ole days Kaylor Card lol good for him pat him on the back for me and tell him I’m glad he got some stress relieved!”

Another commenter cheered on the destruction:

“This is awesome and for a great reason!”

Express.co.uk titled their coverage with the following message, further pushing what now seems like a false narrative: Furious father destroys his daughter’s car after catching her in it with a boy

The real story, however, is more complicated than that.

Card’s 21-year-old daughter Ashlyn responded on her own Facebook page, painting a much different picture than what has been presented so far.


She writes:

Okay so about this video: first off I’m 21 years old not a little girl. Second no one was having sex in the car. Third I was with the father of the child I’m pregnant with right now. Fourth no one was doing anything wrong that was MY car! I paid for it.

It was NOT my bothers like they are stating! Maybe people need to know the truth. They took a car from a pregnant 21 year old, took her kids from her, kicked her out and left her to walk on the side of the road with nothing. I had the clothes on my back and that was it. It’s straight tho I’m taken care of.

Not only that, she claims that her brother rammed into a car while she was in it:


But there are two sides to every story.

Her mother Missy explained the family’s perspective in another Facebook post. It seems like there’s an ongoing feud between Ashlyn and the father of her unborn child, and Ashlyn’s family.

Missy writes:

Okay just to set things straight there was multiple interventions. We have paid thousands of dollars to help our daughter that does include lawyers and the police have been involved since the beginning. No one has tried more and given more than her father has done.

The only reason that Audi was back on the road was because it has been in our garage for over 6 months because the key to it was thrown away by either [name removed] or his mother. Mike took it to Alpharetta 2 times to have the key replaced and have the car fixed, he put insurance on it and paid for the fuel. She was back in our home with her children whom have never left our home with the agreement with the children father’s and her parents that [name removed] would not be near the children or our family again.

Missy explained that the man in question was not supposed to see her daughter again. That message clearly did not sit well with Ashlyn, however, since the man was seen driving the Audi around town, over the speed limit, with the children in the car:

Everyone was in agreement. [name removed] was seen driving the Audi through town by her father and brother Kaylor with the children in it. Ashlyn was told by her father to stop the car and she was no longer living at our house. I meet her after [name removed] got out of the vehicle and she put the kids in my car. Yes I told her to give me her kids because they were in danger, the vehicle was seen in excess of 80 miles per with babies in it. Ashlyn told me she was calling a friend to pick her up.

No one dumped a pregnant girl on the side of the road and took her kids away and left. That was her choice when she had [name removed] near her and those babies again. This isn’t about a CAR this is about a father’s love for his daughter and grandchildren.

Missy’s post ends on a bittersweet note, saying that Ashlyn can make her own decision, but everything they do is out of love and care for her:

Ashlyn is an adult an she makes choices for her own life to be with [name removed] but those babies don’t have a choice. We Love Ashlyn more than anyone could ever understand. Nothing that has been done was to hurt her it was to protect her and the babies.

It just goes to show that every story has two sides. Here’s hoping the Card family can put aside their differences and find some healing.

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