Gabbard Claims Trump Is Acting as ‘Saudi Arabia’s B***h’ Following Tweet About Recent Oil Refinery Attack

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) let President Donald Trump know what she really thinks about his response to the recent oil refinery attacks in Saudi Arabia.

On Sunday, the world’s largest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia was the target of a drone attack, impacting as much as 5% of the world’s crude oil. The Houthi movement — a rebel group closely tied to Iran — took credit for the attack. Although Iran’s government denies responsibility, many believe they are behind the Houthi’s attack.

Not only did the attack cause gas prices to skyrocket throughout the world, but it also took tensions in the Middle East to a new level.

In response to the attack, President Trump claimed that the U.S. was “locked and loaded” if retaliation is necessary, but seemed to say that he was waiting on direction from the Saudi government.

Gabbard — who made opposition to war in the Middle East a cornerstone of her 2020 presidential bid — called out Trump for waiting on information from the Saudi’s. The congresswoman didn’t pull any punches in her tweet, claiming that President Trump was acting as “Saudi Arabia’s bitch.”

Gabbard was not the only one to criticize Trump’s response. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) also has a viral tweet questioning the president for allowing the Saudis to “dictate terms of war and peace” for the U.S.

While Gabbard may have strong feelings against the Saudis, it didn’t take long for many critics to highlight that the congresswoman has close ties to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) mocked Gabbard’s use of a “naughty word” and claimed the 2020 candidate is a puppet of Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Gabbard’s ties to Assad have been one of the biggest criticisms of her presidential bid, though she argues that it is good to meet with anyone so long as it keeps Americans safe.

The congresswoman has been polling in the bottom half of the 20 Democrats running for president and has been a vocal critic of the Democratic National Committee’s handling of the debate process, as she did not qualify for last week’s event in Houston.


  1. While I have no idea what the incentive would be to replace a R (Trump) suck-up to brutal dictators with a D (Gabbard) suck-up to brutal dictators, Rep Kinzinger obviously has forgotten what his stance on Mohammed Bin Salaman after the CIA reported the findings of MBS’s involvement in Kashogggi’s murder. “The Russians kill journalist. They kill political opponents. Turkey imprisons journalist. There is not a sinless world out there.” Kinzinger voted to continue to supply arms to Saudis in MBS’s war in Yemen and against condemnation of MBS in the brutal murder of a permanent American resident. I remember when Adam criticized Trump for not accepting the intel committee’s findings —HOW was Kinzinger different??

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