GOP Rep Flattens Biden for Claiming China Is Not a Threat to the US: ‘That Type of Thinking Is Naive’

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Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-Wisc.) called out former Vice President Joe Biden for his nonchalance toward China and the Communist Party.

On the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Gallagher took time to recognize the atrocities committed by the Communist Party of China against its own people after student-led protests made calls for democracy. Hundreds died in the massacre.

Today, the people in China are unable to even honor the anniversary as the Communist Party has censored all search engines, wiping the brutal attack from the history books, leaving the rest of the world to keep the memory alive.

In his speech Tuesday morning, Gallagher called out the growing threat that China poses to the rest of the world.


“Thirty years after the atrocities in Tiananmen, the Chinese Communist Party has only grown more oppressive at home and aggressive abroad in their attempts to break our international authority. And I would argue the free world faces a threat, unlike anything we’ve seen since [U.S. Diplomat George] Kennan’s time.”

Gallagher called out the Chinese oppression and ethnic cleansing of the Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region.

“What we’re seeing there is not just an abomination, but a preview of the things to come,” Gallagher said. “The Chinese Communist Party is using Xinjiang to perfect its totalitarian surveillance state, to succeed where their Soviet predecessors failed.”

Gallagher warned that calls for increased government power and socialism in the United States should be of concern to those watching the atrocities unfold in China.

The congressman also leveled the comments made by Biden regarding U.S. competition with China. As IJR previously reported, Biden said that China isn’t a competition to the U.S. because they’re still sorting out their own problems.

Gallagher flattened Biden for downplaying the global threat China poses.

“[We] should all be alarmed when leading Democratic presidential candidates to suggest otherwise, that the Chinese Communist Party does not present a threat to our interests and those of our allies. And today, 30 years after the massacre in Tiananmen, this should remind us that that type of thinking is naive, it is dangerous, and today should remind us that we need to stand strong and send the Chinese Communist Party where it belongs on the ash heap of history.”

As IJR previously reported, there are several Republican bills in Congress that aim to reduce the power of the Chinese Communist Party, as well as the economic actions being taken by President Donald Trump.

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China is going to do nothing to hurt their best economic customer.


Poor Ol’ Joe probably knows China is in Asia.


Biden is a boob of the first order.

Jason Alsbrook

Of course he’s going to say they’re “not a threat”. He and his son have made some VERY cozy business deals with them…

WP Taylor

Biden sounds like his former boss Obama who scoffed at Mitt Romney for suggesting that the Russians were hostile to US interests and might invade the Ukraine. Speaking of collusion, ever wonder why the Russians waited until after the 2012 election to invade?





Duncan Hunter

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