SEAL Eddie Gallagher Thanks Trump After Secretary of Navy Pushed out of Job

John Gastaldo/File Photo/Reuters

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher thanked President Donald Trump shortly after it was announced that Defense Secretary Mark Esper had asked for Navy Secretary Richard Spencer’s resignation.

Esper asked for Spencer’s resignation after he learned that Spencer had been in conversations with the White House to try to strike a deal allowing Gallagher to keep his treasured Trident pin if the White House didn’t interfere in Navy proceedings to determine whether Gallagher could stay in the SEALs, as IJR has previously reported.

In a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner, Gallagher thanked Trump for “correcting all the wrongs that were done to me.”

“President Donald Trump, you have my deepest gratitude and thanks. You stepped in numerous times and showed true moral fiber by correcting all the wrongs that were being done to me.”

He continued to say that Trump is a “true leader and exactly what the military and this nation needs.”

“You are a true leader and exactly what the military and this nation needs. God bless you and your family.”

Trump had previously restored Gallagher’s rank after the Navy demoted him following his conviction for unlawfully taking a picture with the dead body of an Islamic State fighter.

Trump most recently objected to the Navy taking away Gallagher’s Trident pin and kicking him out of the SEALs, which led to a showdown that ultimately led to Spencer’s departure.

The timing of Spencer’s resignation turned out to be fortuitous for Gallagher, who directed his lawyer, Timothy Parlatore, to draft a letter saying he would give up his Trident pin.

But shortly after he made his decision, Esper announced that he had asked for Spencer’s resignation and on Monday morning said that Gallagher would be allowed to keep his Trident pin.

Parlatore told the Navy Times that Spencer’s departure was not “a twist any of us saw coming.”

“This isn’t a twist any of us saw coming. From the beginning, my primary responsibility was to save Eddie Gallagher’s life, then to save his reputation, but Eddie Gallagher loves the Navy, and he loves the SEAL teams. He’s been falsely accused of attacking the institution, but it’s an institution we both love and want to improve.”

He continued to say that Spencer’s departure means, “No one will go through the ordeal Eddie went through. At the end of the day, the most important duty any of us have is protecting America. This case is completely bananas.”

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>Always Generally Confused< RE: Military service. Your non-admission of possibly not having served in uniform speaks volumes for the other cowards who either hid from a patriotic duty or ran off to Canada rather than serve the greatest Nation on Earth to defend the freedoms YOU/we enjoy. I doubt anyone on this site is "confused" by your being afraid to admit the truth; that you're a common coward and a freeloading parasite on the backs of those who have fought and died so you can spew your hatred of a great President and the only political Party – Republican –… Read more »

General Confusion

“now we have a leader that will allow our military to do what they are trained to do without fear of retribution.” JOHN HAND You are confusing our military and personnel being held accountable to OUR OWN laws with being unleashed to get away with war crimes. Think about the repercussions that will result from telling the world that our current administration will pardon multiple war criminals. We have bases around the world and WE need to get along with foreign countries and their worried citizens. They will ALL have to reassess their relationships with us now because, as far… Read more »


If you applied the same kind of “justice” to men who served in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, you would have to reprimand, strip medals, and reduce the rank and pension pay of every single man who served in combat! Taking trophy photos has been and always will be a part of combat operations. If you look back at the Roman era, they also celebrated victory. Of course not with photographs, that would have to wait 2000 years before they are available. But they did so with what they had at that time. This punishment was rooted in the Obama Administration, and… Read more »


>Always Generally Confused<

You have admitted over time you had never put on a military uniform; so, what do you know about how the military works; rules of engagement, collateral damage, etc.? The propaganda you're being bottle fed by your Commie leaders is designed to pander to the weak and spineless anti-military cowards for sympathy for the enemy while giving not one word of praise or a "Thank You" for those who risk their life for those spineless cowards. From this Korean and Vietnam era veteran!


After 8 years of Obama’s rules for non combat, now we have a leader that will allow our military to do what they are trained to do without fear of retribution. FOUR MORE YEARS!

Phillip O Owens Jr SFC Ret
Phillip O Owens Jr SFC Ret

I agree with President Trump, Chief Gallagher should retain his rank and SEAL status, we spend millions to train our SEALS to be an effective fighting force, to court martial one for doing what he was trained to do is opposite of the mission assigned to the SEAL teams and this type of actions will diminish the moral and effectiveness of every team and negatively affect future missions! Get real and understand the nature of the beast, WAR IS HELL!

Phil Owens QMC(SS) Ret

Edmund Hickey

Why didn’t the Navy Brass just allow Chief Gallagher to just keep his Trident and allow him to retire honorably? He was exonerated by a military court of the crimes he was accused so that makes him innocent. The fact he posed for a picture with a dead enemy, something mos likely others have done is the only reason remaining for him to be demoted and lose his Trident over? Come on!. Chief Gallagher served our country honorably for 2 decades as a Special Operator and deserves to keep the Trident he earned in combat numerous times. Armchair, politically correct… Read more »





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