‘They Don’t Even Know What’s About to Hit Them’: CA Gov Predicts Trump Will Turn GOP Into a Third Party

Gavin Newsom

For many, California is the liberal hub of the United States, with Democrats dominating local and national offices. But a generation ago, the nation’s most populous state burned red on the election map and produced conservative icons such as former presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

California began to bleed blue in the early 1990s when a wave of Latino and Asian immigrants began to make the Golden State their home and conservatives pushed back by proposing ultra-strict immigration laws. According to the Los Angeles Times, Californians found the laws too harsh and began to turn to Democratic lawmakers who proposed laws that didn’t have the same effect on their new immigrant neighbors.

Now, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is predicting that what happened in his state in the ’90s will happen to the United States as a whole and that people will begin to turn away from President Donald Trump and policy proposals that Newsom believes promote xenophobia.

“I’m just hearing stuff that gins up a smaller and smaller base of people,” Newsom said in an interview with “Axios on HBO” that aired Monday:

“California in the 1990s is a lot like America in 2019, 2020, 2021. And here’s the real story: The Republican Party was walked off a cliff, they’re third-party status. That’s exactly what Donald Trump is doing and Mitch McConnell, who’s completely complicit, is doing the Republican Party nationally, and they don’t even know what’s about to hit them.”

Watch the video below:

Newsom said the party will experience “a profound demise because of their own making” unless people within the GOP break free from the party’s current direction.

“They have no governing philosophy, they have no value system that’s interesting except fear of others, and those ‘others’ are going to be a majority,” Newsom warned. “So wake up!”

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LOL….Gavin! Do you even know what Party you are attending? The Dumbocrats are speeding pell mell into the abyss. Your party is coming apart at the seams thanks to radical ideology and most Americans love this country and will not stand for such. Wake up and smell the double latte you California hack.


Damn that’s some good weed, eh Gavin?


An interesting take, but I don’t think it will play out quite like that.

I suspect the Democrats will elect a hard left candidate for 2020 who Trump will beat in a landslide. Then the Democratic party will split in half with the Democratic Socialists going one way and the classical liberals going the other. Many moderate and Never Trump Republicans will likely join this more moderate group. We will then be left with a 3 party system with a split of roughly 45% Trump Conservatives, 35% Moderates, 20% Socialists





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