‘He’s Committed’: CA Gov. Says Trump Looking to Assist Earthquake Recovery

Gavin Newsom
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The governor of California lauded President Donald Trump for being “committed” to the rebuilding efforts of the state in the wake of a pair of earthquakes that hit the Golden State this week.

On Saturday, the Associated Press reported that California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) discussed disaster recovery efforts of his state with the president over the phone after two powerful earthquakes ravaged the southern part of the state.

The two American leaders also discussed the wildfires that hit California and other difficulties plaguing the state.

Newsom said that Trump was “committed to the long-haul” in aiding recovery efforts in the Golden State, and that while the two did not “agree on everything,” responding to “emergencies” was “one area” where their political differences are put aside.

“There’s no question we don’t agree on everything, but one area where there’s no politics, where we work extremely well together, is our response to emergencies,” Newsom said.

“He’s committed in the long haul, the long run, to help support the rebuilding efforts,” added the California governor.

Trump and Newsom have been at odds over many policy issues.

As IJR Blue previously reported, when the president declared a national emergency at the border to secure funding for his border wall, Newsom said that his state would be suing the Trump administration over what he said was a “made-up ‘national emergency.'”

He also claimed that the Trump administration would end up “in the wastebin of history” in a recent Politico interview, as IJR Red noted.

Newsom’s comments came days after he declared a state of emergency in San Bernadino County, California, following the state being hit with two massive earthquakes.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Southern California on Thursday followed by a 7.1 magnitude quake on Friday night.

Friday’s earthquake was the largest one to hit Southern California in at least two decades.

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Jim Dawson

Let that friggun hellhole fall in the Pacific

Sandra Jenkins

I wouldn’t give the California Libs any money. F them.

michelle p

I guess this governor may have to change some of his foolish decisions


C’mon folks we all know that Trump controls not only the weather (with the machine left to him by 43) but the geological forces of the earth as well. Ten to one somewhere some idiot is actually claiming this.


Perhaps we should start a pool on how long before Gov. Goodhair starts denouncing Trump again.

Trump cares about America. He might have said, “deny sanctuary” as a condition for aid. He did not.

Unlike Newsom, Trump cares about ALL Americans and is NOT deserting CA in its time of need. He’s got his priorities straight and the American people are #1 (unlike those more concerned with illegals, trannies, etc.)


See how fast this socialist begged for help. I’d say start working with ICE and I’ll think about it.lol


Fix your own darn State. But funny how it works Bad mouth the President then cry for help. I’d make him beg, big time.


Here’s a dilemma… I hate Trump but he is offering to fix my problem. If I accept help from him I will get hate mail and threats…. What to do!!!





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