George Clooney’s a Fan of Refugees. When Migrant Camp Sets Up Outside $10M Mansion, Plot Thickens…

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 04: George Clooney (L) and Amal Clooney attend the "China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
George Clooney (L) and Amal Clooney; Image Credit Mike Coppola/Getty Images

It’s safe to surmise that actor George Clooney and his wife Amal — a high-profile human rights lawyer — live a pretty cushy life.

There are the yacht outings:

Red carpet premieres:

And their 18th-century Italian mansion, set on Lake Como with neighbors such as Donatella Versace, Richard Branson and Madonna:

The Clooneys are also two of the many outspoken critics of the Trump-led movement to ban certain migrants from entering America. George has described it as “massively stupid” and called Trump, “a xenophobic fascist.”

George has slammed the U.S., a nation founded by immigrants, for “forgetting who we are.” He explained, “You forget that these are people who didn’t just leave their country for no reason at all. These are people who left because [of] a terrible tragedy.”

Now, George and Amal may experience some of those issues firsthand — in their own backyard:

Yep, hundreds of migrants have reportedly set up camp on Lake Como, close to the celeb’s mansion.

They’ve been accused of leaving trash throughout the area:

And while George hasn’t commented on the situation, his neighbors aren’t liking it one bit.

The Daily Mail asked several residents about it and got some insightful replies:

Restaurant owner Maria Grazia told MailOnline: ‘

‘I don’t want them here. Italy has enough problems without trying to solve the problems of the world. We [Italy] should not have to deal with these people on our own. Europe [the EU] does nothing to help us. Now they make us – me, my family and other Italian families – pay for them.’

Housewife Federica, 55, said:

‘A small number of immigrants is not a problem but now they are so many. You see them arriving at that the [sic] San Giovanni station. They are not poor hungry refugees but they are big and strong. People here in Como don’t like them. There are simply too many of them.’

Chauffeur Santi, 26, said:

‘It is good for Switzerland that they have closed the border to migrants but it is bad for Italy. We simply don’t have the resources to deal with all these new people. Italy has lots of problems of our own without having to try to deal with other people’s problems. It is a complex situation.’

There seems to be a consensus that while it is certainly noble to want to welcome migrant refugees, it’s also wise to consider the possible consequences of doing so.

The Clooneys have pushed for an “open-door policy” similar to what Germany has:

American actor and film director George Clooney suggested last week that U.S. President Barack Obama should emulate German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy on migrants fleeing war and deprivation in the Middle East and Africa. […]

The actor claimed that the U.S. “is not doing enough” to help alleviate the crisis in Syria even though the Obama administration has vowed to accept 10,000 asylum seekers from Syria this year and “many more” in 2017.

Well, Germany, for its part, has learned that this zero-barriers approach to immigration isn’t without issues:

Critics argue that a better approach would have been to cautiously vet and educate migrants before integrating them into the country.

As for the Lake Como abode, earlier this month, international outlets reported that the Clooneys are considering selling the home due to privacy concerns with paparazzi.

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