‘Worst Kind of Dumb’: George Conway Hits Trump for ‘Compulsive Lying’

George and Kellyanne Conway
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

George Conway called out President Donald Trump for “narcissism,” “compulsive lying,” and being the “worst kind of dumb” in a series of Thursday morning tweets.

The ongoing feud appears to have been ignited by Conway’s initial tweet last week claiming the president has “brazen, pathological mendacity.”

Conway started off the morning by sharing a tweet from Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) that questioned the president’s disparaging of the “heroic, courageous, self-effacing, self-sacrificing” late Sen. John McCain.

“Because those are traits that could never describe Trump, and that, indeed, he cannot really comprehend,” Conway added.

Conway also followed up on his statement from Monday in which he said all Americans “should be thinking seriously” about “Trump’s mental condition.”

“You have to look at everything through the prism of his narcissism,” he added. “Once you do that, pretty much everything makes sense.”

Conway went on to say that Trump “lies even when it makes no sense,” adding that the “two keys to understanding Trump are narcissism and compulsive prevarication.”

He then hit Trump with a simple clapback, claiming that the president is the “worst kind of dumb.”

Conway also compared a clip of Trump speaking with Tom Brokaw 30 years ago to how the president speaks now, claiming Trump used to be able to speak “complete, coherent sentences” but now uses “incomprehensible word salads.”

“The only qualifier to this is that his compulsive lying is also important to understand,” Conway then reiterated in his next tweet. “He lies, as we have seen, about everything, about matters big and small, about things that matter and things that don’t.”

Conway’s Thursday morning tweets come after his wife, Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway, defended Trump in the ongoing feud, arguing that her husband is not a psychiatric professional and that Trump should not just “take that sitting down.”

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Phyllis Softa

In fairness to George, one does not need to go to serve a residency in psychiatry to acknowledge that over 10,000 lies in a 2 yr period is compulsive lying. One does not need to be a psychiatrist to recognize a “word salad” when you hear one. One does not require medical training to recognize the 9 traits that are known characteristics of a narcissist. One DOES have to wonder how Kellyanne would handle the situation should any of her 4 children exhibit ANY of the behaviors of her boss.





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