George Floyd’s Uncle Calls for Removal of Confederate Flag from South Dakota Police Department Logo

Selwyn Jones, George Floyd’s uncle, is calling out the Gettysburg Police Department in South Dakota for its logo which contains an emblem of the Confederate flag. 

During an interview with Minneapolis’ Star Tribune, Jones expressed concern about the logo insisting it has “got to go.”

The logo features the American and Confederate flags positioned behind a cannon. 

Jones, who is the brother of George Floyd’s mother and a three-year resident of Gettysburg, detailed his recent phone conversation with the town’s mayor Bill Wuttke and insisted the city should consider changing its police department logo. 

“Bill, we really have the Confederate flag on our police uniforms?” Jones said to the publication about his call with the mayor. “Man, that’s got to go.”

Wuttke reportedly told Jones, “We’ll see about it.”

However, Jones expressed apprehension about Wuttke’s claims saying, “That’s what a white guy in control and power says. ‘We’ll see about it.’ … Whatever.”

The mayor told the publication that he does not support changing the logo as he argued that the majority of residents in Gettysburg do not believe the logo is racist. 

“We’re not wanting the liberals and the press telling us we have to change it. People here do not feel it’s racism,” he said.

“It’s so ridiculous; 99 percent of the people don’t have any idea [that the Confederate flag is on the insignia]. It’s just something that’s there. I’ve had more local people in favor of it than against it,” Wuttke added.

The Gettysburg City Council also held a stance similar to Wuttke as they defended the logo as a representation of “heritage.” However, there is now a petition calling for the removal of the Confederate symbol for the logo. 

Noting historical facts about the Civil War as it relates to South Dakota, the petition argues that the Confederacy was “a blatantly racist organization” and “not a fundamental part of our state’s history.” 

“South Dakota did not exist until 24 years AFTER the Civil War. The confederacy was a blatantly racist organization that is not a fundamental part of our state’s history,” the petition reads. “This heritage is not ours, it has no place here.”

The petition now has more than 4,000 signatures. Despite Wuttke’s position on the logo, Jones is confident it will soon be a thing of the past. 

“I know my neighbors will listen in order to understand the history of hurt that African-Americans and other people of color have experienced,” Jones wrote, per the Star Tribune. “I am also sure that the flag issue in Gettysburg will be resolved because the killing of my nephew George Floyd is offensive to all lovers of freedom.”

Jones’ remarks about the Confederate-inspired police department logo came as he also expressed concern about the handling of his nephew’s case. 

While speaking with reporters outside of the Hennepin County Courthouse, he stressed his concern that the judicial system is flawed.


  1. “That’s what a white guy in control and power says. ” Sounds like a racist statement to me.

  2. This BULLS*T with these blacks needs to STOP, this is OUR as in ALL of ours, country as well, those symbols, monuments and statues are part of OUR history and I REALLY don’t see the need to destroy OUR history.. If they SUDDENLY have issues with these things related to OUR past, then by all means, either, don’t look at them, move from them OR LEAVE THIS COUNTRY!!! I know for a fact the one thing the Floyd family doesn’t have is military men/women in their family that fought, sacrificed for this, OUR country giving us the rights we have today, not to give dictatorship to one group/race, so, we really need to start showing OUR strengths and start STOPPING this crap once and for all and PUT BACK what was taken from us!!!

  3. What a toolbag. He should have been more concerned about keeping his nephew from drugs and criminal mischief than a small town with a population of 1,162. Nobody in the country even knew about it until he advertised it. That’s inflaming racism. The town is named, Gettysburg. The logo has BOTH flags of the North and South with a civil war cannon. These racist race baiters need to get bent and worry about more important things.

  4. Oh well, if George Floyd’s uncle calls for it!! This man was NO national hero. He was a convicted of 8 crimes, served time in prison and unfortunately an overzealous policeman took his life.
    Stop giving these morons a voice which they are not entitled to have.

  5. Liquid – i know. It must be so hard living among people who are not as pure of blood as you.

    If we were to break it down most of us are mongrels.

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  8. Don – and they just happen to feel its important to celebrate that directly after the first black president?

    Or maybe the town just realized what they were named after in 2009? Seriously, how dumb are you?

    1. Gettysburg was platted in 1884. The city was named in commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg. A large share of the early settlers were Civil War veterans of the Union Army.

  9. The sheer stupidity of people. The reason for the two flags is to demonstrate the two factions coming together, not to honor the institution of slavery.

    1. Exactly! But they want to erase history so we’re doomed to repeat it in the name of, “progress.”

  10. That is nuts. The town is named Gettysburg in honor of the battle that was the turning point in the War. The flags of the two armies that met there in 1863 are on the patch to commemorate the battle. Anyone who sees anything else in that emblem is a totally blind and ignorant idiot.

  11. Caucasian trash n*ggers, like Wuttke, and their bullshit are everywhere.

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