‘You Want to Follow in Those Footsteps’: 41’s Grandkids Gather to Celebrate Late POTUS’ 95th Birthday

The grandkids of former President George H.W. Bush gathered in Texas where they planned to honor their late grandfather’s 95th birthday by doing what he did to celebrate three of his previous birthdays: skydiving.

Over the weekend, over a dozen of Bush’s grandchildren got together in College Station, Texas, to go skydiving on what would have been their “Grampy’s” 95th birthday, “Fox & Friends” reported on Monday.

Bush had made the jump on three of his previous birthdays: his 75th, his 80th, and his 90th birthday.

Retired Sergeant First Class Mike Elliott — who made the three previous jumps with 41 — told Fox that the late president had said after the jump on his 90th birthday he wanted to continue the tradition on his 95th.

“I’ve had the opportunity to jump with our former president three times,” said Elliott. “At the end of his 90th birthday, he said, ‘I’m going to do it again on my 95th birthday.’ Unfortunately, he didn’t make it here for his 95th birthday, so his grandkids are going to continue that legacy.”

Watch the video here:

One of 41’s grandsons, George P. Bush, said that he believed his grandfather “would be out there with [them]” on the jump if he were still alive and that he “would be the first one jumping.”

“We’ll be thinking of them when we jump out of the plane,” said 41’s grandson.

Unfortunately, the weather in central Texas would have different plans for the Bush clan, as “16 to 24 mile-per-hour” winds that were “very unsafe to jump” in prevented the family from going through with their celebration.

“I think Mrs. [Barbara] Bush is like, ‘I’m not going to let my grandkids jump,'” joked Elliott. “And so she pushed the winds up.”

Bush’s granddaughter Lizzie Andrews said that she was “disappointed” that they would not be able to make the jump, but that “either way it was great” to have the family gather to honor their late patriarch.

The celebration of 41’s life and legacy continued on, though, with the family laying a wreath at his resting place and remembering his dedication to public service.

“Growing up with a role model like that, I mean, you want to do something good,” said Andrews. “You want to follow in those footsteps.”

The Bush family plans to return in five years, however, going back to make the jump in honor of their Grampy’s 100th birthday.


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