Georgia Tech Student Shot After Advancing on Police With ‘Tiny Knife,’ But Parents Claim Son Didn’t Have to Die

Note: This article contains graphic content.

On Saturday night, 21-year-old Scout Schultz, a computer engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology was shot by police officers.

According to WSB-TV, at about 11:00 p.m., the Georgia Tech Police Department responded to a call they received claiming a person was on campus with a knife and a gun.

Police located Schultz with a knife in one hand, and a video of the encounter showed a barefoot Schultz outside a dormitory, slowly walked towards one officer. After advancing within feet of the officer, the 21-year-old turned and walked in another direction towards a second officer.


Schultz paused multiple times before continuing towards officers, who took steps backward to create additional distance. “Nobody wants to hurt you,” an officer told him. “What’s going on, man? What are we doing?”

According to the cell phone footage of the confrontation, officers told the 21-year-old at least 10 times to drop the knife and as Schultz approached two of the officers, the student shouted, “Shoot me!”

Police repeated for Schultz to not move and, after taking about three steps towards the officers, the 21-year-old was shot. He was pronounced dead early Sunday morning at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Schultz was the president of the GT Progressive Student Alliance and preferred “they” and “them” pronouns to “he” and “she”:

The group posted on Facebook that it is “distraught” over the loss of an “incredible, inspirational” member of its community and provided details for a vigil for Schultz.

“They seemed fine, friends said they seemed fine,” Lynne Schultz, Scout’s mom, told the New York Daily News. “I don’t know.”

According to CBS News 46, the Schultz family hired attorney L. Chris Stewart and claimed police should have used non-lethal force instead of shooting their son.

“Our son, Scout Schultz, was killed last night by the Georgia Tech police,” NBC News reported Schultz’s father, William Schultz, wrote on Facebook. “He had a tiny knife. They didn’t have to shoot him in the heart, but that’s what they did. Antifa activists beware!”

A Georgia Tech Police Department spokesman told CNN that the officers, who have not been named, do not carry stun guns, but an investigation has been launched by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Watch a video of the encounter below

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