Deputy WH Press Sec Claims Democrats ‘Hate This President More Than They Love America’

Deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley slammed Democrats for criticizing President Donald Trump‘s decision to hold a massive Independence Day celebration.

Many have expressed outrage that President Trump is hosting a July 4th celebration in Washington D.C., complete with tanks, an airshow, and an extended fireworks display. As IJR Blue reported, many believe it is just an ego trip for the president and is just a waste of money.

The White House, however, believes the celebration is necessary to honor the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. military that continues to protect U.S. independence.

Gidley claimed that Democrats criticizing President Trump’s “Salute to America” are blinded by their own hatred of the president. He expressed his frustration during an interview on Fox News.

Watch Gidley’s comments:

“It is pretty clear at this point that the Democrats in this country hate this president more than they love America. And that hatred has taken many forms in the short period that Donald Trump has been in the White House. First the Democrats lied about collusion, then they lied about the corruption. Then they lied about the crisis at the southern border. And now they are lying about the motives of Donald Trump. Who simply wants to celebrate to the greatest idea ever realized in the history of humankind. And that is America. Most countries who have a constitution, those constitutions last an average of about 17 years. Ours has been around for more than 230. This is no doubt the most amazing place in history.”

Gidley added that Democrats “refuse to celebrate” in Washington D.C. because they don’t want to support the president’s event.

“Democrats refuse to celebrate that greatness, refuse to even celebrate our nation’s Independence or the Fourth of July simply because it is Donald Trump who is doing the celebrating,” said Gidley.

Gidley noted that Trump will spend his time talking about the greatness of America, rather than the political chaos surrounding the event.

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Kyle Throop

Of course, they would have to actually hold some love for America for it to mean something that they hate Trump worse. The reality is that they hate Trump because they hate America. The idea that a duly elected President of the American Republic could not be from the (anti-local representation and therefore anti-America as founded) Establishment of Big Gov/Big Business goes against their globalist, rob the world blind mentality. They justify their mindset with the arrogance of believing they are smarter than the common man in order to feel OK about the payoffs they make for supporting the Globalist… Read more »

General Confusion

Charles: I did say Nicaragua. My mistake. I meant Honduras.

General Confusion

Since this site is broken, replies aren’t useable.

Jason (below) is confused.

We wouldn’t BE in this situation so much if the US didn’t do regime change in other countries, such as Nicaragua. That country is in a terrible condition now because WE messed it up, starting with Bush and continuing with Obama. Yes, it’s all OUR fault!

william jackson

True—D-RATs blinded by political ignorance!


As the saying goes……don’t cut your nose off to spite your face. Many of these hatefilled may not have a future in politics come next election. In another life these hypocrites would be crawling all over President Trump when he was just Trump.


This is PROOF these leftwing SOBs hate America, and the people who keep them in office are ignorant fools.


He speaks the truth.


That is self-evident.

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