Gidley Questions Critics of Deportation Plans: ‘If You’re Here Illegally, I Guess the Law Doesn’t Apply to You’

Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley questioned critics of President Donald Trump‘s deportation plans, given the legal repercussions American citizens face when they break the law.

A few weeks ago, President Trump announced a series of deportations, but he put his plan on hold to allow House Democrats some time to put forward new asylum laws in the meantime.

It’s been two weeks and Democrats haven’t coughed up any immigration reforms, prompting the Trump administration to return to their original plan of deportation. Acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ken Cuccinelli told “Face the Nation” on Sunday that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is prepared to deport as many as one million illegal immigrants.

This move has many outraged, despite the fact that these illegal immigrants have had a trial a court order to be deported.

During an interview on Fox News, Gidley pushed back on those who oppose the administration’s deportation plan, given that American citizens who disobey court orders are arrested for their crime.

Watch Gidley’s comments:

“This is a very sad situation. We have a crisis at our southern border that’s both humanitarian and national security in nature. We have over a million people in this country who have received final deportation orders from a judge, meaning they’ve already had their day in court and they’re supposed to go home. That’s a set of rules and laws that should apply to everyone in this country but American citizens get put in jail if they ignore a court order. But if you’re here illegally, I guess the law doesn’t apply to you.”

Gidley also highlighted the contrast between President Trump’s treatment when it comes to his immigration policy, compared to former President Barack Obama’s. Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in U.S. history, but Gidley argues that he was given a better system to work with.

He noted that the Trump administration cannot deport illegal immigrants as easily as the Obama administration because of the shift in demographics. Today, most migrants are family units from Central America instead of adult males from Mexico and U.S. law requires a different process for deporting those who are not from Mexico or Canada.

“Our laws aren’t set up to handle that. That’s why we’ve got to come to the table — or Democrats should, at least — and talk to the White House to figure out how we solve this problem and close these loopholes. Because, right now, children being exploited. Women are being exploited. And Democrats are nowhere to be found. They’d rather use it as a political issue and it’s sad.”

Gidley claimed that Democrats could change asylum laws and curb the flow of migrants “in 15 minutes” if they brought a deal forward to the president.

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HEY IJR. Clicking on “replies’ to comments STILL DOES NOT WORK.



NO one on the Left appears to know what "ILLEGAL" means unless it applies to a member of the GOP. THEN, it's . . . "we're going to dig up your Grandma and prosecute her for being related to you." Clear example of the incurable mental disorder which Aricept nor Namenda won't help and which is spreading unchecked around the US under the Socialist banner.



They are illegal. The same laws they broke in coming here uninvited also mean they are subject to those same laws. Consistency.


People say illegals should have no rights. This is cock-eyed.

The same laws that detain and prosecute them for violating US sovereignty also give them rights.

It’s unfortunate, but we cannot be the Left/Dims by picking & choosing what applies and still say we defend The Constitution and laws. 14th amendment and all that.

On the other hand, if I were dictator for life/tyrant/Hitler as the Left likes to hyperventilate about our president, I’d just shoot/impale/blow them up at the border OR render them for nutrients.

See how this proves their exaggerations are paranoid fantasies and lies?

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