Gillum Denied He Was Part of FBI Investigation During 2018 Campaign ― Now He’s Listed on a Federal Subpoena

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Former Tallahassee, Florida, Mayor Andrew Gillum has been included on a federal subpoena into his 2018 gubernatorial campaign and corruption in his city.

According to the subpoena obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, Gillum is one of several individuals ordered by the federal grand jury to provide information about corruption within Tallahassee’s government.

As IJR previously reported, the FBI conducted an undercover corruption probe into Tallahassee’s government while Gillum was mayor. The FBI found that lobbyist Adam Corey — who eventually served as treasurer of Gillum’s campaign — provided government officials with expensive vacations while negotiating legislation for his clients. Gillum went on two of the vacations with Corey.

Gillum — who lost his 2018 bid for governor in a close race with then-Rep. Ron DeSantis — denied that he was implicated in the Tallahassee corruption investigation throughout his campaign. Prior to the most recent subpoena, Gillum was not listed in any of the FBI investigations, which have already resulted in three arrests.

Democratic Florida gubernatorial nominee and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum concedes the race to U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis as Kristen King, wife of running mate Chris King (not pictured), applauds during Gillum’s midterm election night rally in Tallahassee, Florida, U.S. November 6, 2018. REUTERS/Colin Hackley

That all changed with the most current subpoena. Gillum, along with his 2018 campaign and his political committee, has been called to provide information to the grand jury on its Tallahassee investigation.

This is a key update because it shows that the scope of the original corruption investigation has been expanded into Gillum’s 2018 campaign.

Although being subpoenaed by a grand jury will undoubtedly be a headache for Gillum, it doesn’t mean that he is guilty — or even a suspect — in the corruption crimes being investigated. It only means that the grand jury believes he has information that it needs to continue the investigation.

“We stand ready to assist any future review of our work, because I am confident we always did the right thing and complied fully with the law,” Gillum told the Tampa Bay Times,

While Gillum may be brushing off the subpoena, this is a change of pace from his campaign, during which he played up the fact that he hadn’t been listed by the grand jury as proof that he wasn’t involved in the corruption.

“Twenty-plus subpoenas have been issued and not one of them has anything to do with me,” Gillum previously said.

The FBI investigation into Tallahassee was fuel for DeSantis during the 2018 election.

“Did you pay for the Hamilton ticket or did the undercover FBI agent pay for the Hamilton ticket? Did you pay to stay at the villa in Costa Rica? Where are the receipts?” DeSantis asked Gillum during a gubernatorial debate. “You have not proven that you paid for anything, and that’s the problem.”

The election may be over and done, but it looks as though Gillum will finally be forced to show those receipts.

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