Gina Haspel Confirmed by the Senate as First Female CIA Director

The Senate confirmed Gina Haspel as director of the CIA on Thursday after gaining the support from several key Democrats, according to The Washington Post.

Haspel will be the first female to lead the spy agency, taking over from Mike Pompeo, who was elevated to secretary of state by President Donald Trump.

She received some opposition over her 33-year history as an undercover agent for the CIA, during which she oversaw a covert site where terrorist suspects were tortured.

But after gaining the support of some Democrats, including the Senate Intelligence Committee’s vice chair Mark Warner (D-Va.), Haspel got the votes needed to secure the confirmation for the top-level position.

Haspel’s confirmation is a win for the Trump administration, which has seen fierce opposition to many of its nominees for key posts.

Trump praised her on Wednesday after the Senate Intelligence Committee voted in her favor, sending the vote for her confirmation to the full Senate.

But it’s no doubt that Haspel will be faced with a slew of threats at her new post, as the U.S. deals with foreign policy issues ranging from Russia to Iran.

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