Gingrich Claims 2020 Dems Have Gone Too Far Left for Americans: ‘They’re Going to Leave a Gap 25 Miles Wide’

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich claimed that President Donald Trump could have an easy path to reelection if Democrats continue their leftward trajectory.

During the debates last week, 2020 Democratic primary candidates touted several far left policy ideas including a ban on private health care and unanimous support for providing health care to illegal immigrants.

While Democrats clearly think earning the support of the most liberal voters is their pathway to the nomination, it could come back to bite them in the general election.

As IJR previously reported, President Trump and the Republican National Committee have been raking in the cash with more than $100 million on hand for the 2020 elections — which are still more than 500 days away.

During an interview with Fox News, Gingrich claimed that the Trump campaign is going to have smooth sailing to reelection if Democrats don’t veer back toward the center in the near future.

Watch Gingrich’s comments:

“Two things, look at the amount of money [Trump campaign manager Brad] Parscale has helped raise and then look at the size of every one of these rallies. I mean, part of what you see out there is a permanent campaign of 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 people at a time, many of whom didn’t vote for Trump. I think 44% of the people at the El Paso rally were Latinos. So there is a lot of stuff going on out there and the other side is — they look at the debates the other night and they think these people are going to go so far to the left, they’re going to leave a gap 25 miles wide between their views and the American people.”

Gingrich predicted a Reagan-level reelection wave is coming for President Trump, adding that “no one” in the pool of 24 Democrats poses a threat to his reelection.

“The other night when every single candidate raised their hand in favor of tax paid healthcare for illegal immigrants, you can’t get much further away from the American people than they’re getting,” said Gingrich.

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I’m guessing any voter who plans to vote Democratic/Socialist will have to pick the prettiest of the lot because there’s not one bit of difference between them. They’ve all spewed out the same old Party line crapola we’ve been hearing during every election cycle; with the exception of them expanding the list of FREEBIES for votes. Not one has said how they’ll pay for anything they propose; it’s all nothing but a smoke screen and pandering for votes from their low-IQ base. Trump now has an impressive record of accomplishments to run on. Grouped together, this gaggle of __________ (fill… Read more »


Gingrich is right. People can change their minds or lie on polls, but money talks.

Here we have 24 variations on the same socialist themes. Did it not occur to them to their platforms, pushing “free” stuff for illegals and the mentally-ill*, have little appeal to those they want to win back?

Not all their voters are urban dupes and a lot realize that “free” means they and their descendants will be paying for generations.

*dysphoria, gender and otherwise, is a mental illness listed in the DSM.





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