Newt Gingrich: House Democrats Are ‘Desperately Committed to Destroying’ Trump

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Democrats launched the impeachment inquiry in President Donald Trump because they have a “pathological need to try to destroy the president.”

Gingrich told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he thinks Democrats do not care about the facts and are instead “desperately committed to destroying the president.”

“Remember, none of this is real. What you’re faced with here is a Democratic party desperately committed to destroying the president. They don’t care what the arguments are. They don’t care what the facts are. They have an absolute deep, passionate need — I would argue a pathological need — to try to destroy the president.”

Watch his comments below:

He continued to say, “All of us who try to talk about facts misunderstand the conversation. This is a drama. This a drama in which [Adam Schiff] and [Nancy Pelosi] and others are living out their fantasies. Largely out of desperation because I think deep down they think Trump’s going to get re-elected and they’re just faced with a nightmare.”

Gingrich said that he thinks that House Democrats will vote to impeach Trump, but added that he believes it could backfire on Democrats from pro-Trump districts.

“If the vote comes up, they’re going to have to vote ‘yes,’ or they’ll be devoured by their own activists. But if they do vote ‘yes,’ they’ll be devoured by the pro-Trump base of their district.”

He added that he believes Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) will call witnesses in the Senate trial that would damage the case for convicting Trump.

“With Lindsey Graham beginning to call in the inspector general. With other things starting to develop. I don’t know if I were a Democrat if I’d be very happy with the kind of open hearings, the kind of subpoenas that Lindsey Graham is likely to have. And then the kind of frankly honest debate on the floor of the Senate, which will be I think deeply to the disadvantage of Joe Biden and deeply to the disadvantage of the Democratic Party.”

Gingrich said he believes the impeachment hearings will hurt the news media and the Democratic Party.

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confuction and syphilis are two most lying, hateful people on IJR. They have no truth or facts to back up ANY of their statements yet they continue to spew their lies just in case someone might believe them. By the way confuction who was in charge of Fanny Mae when we had the last recession?????? You do know that it was that organization that started the recession don’t you???? It was in firm control of the demonrats and the Republicans warned them that the regulations needed to be changed or it was going down. Guess what, the arrogant, elitist demonrats… Read more »

General Confusion

Because IJR is broken…

Newt Gingrich is trying to confuse people by projecting his goals onto others.

He has been trying to destroy this country since HIS beginning in politics.

Ron Pauly

What do the Democrats have to offer? Bribes to vote for them? A future of higher taxes?

Bill Beveridge
Bill Beveridge

I hope he is right. This is pathetic. End this witch hunt and put theses lying, money wasting Democrats in a monitory responsible position. Polosi and Schiff deserve prison time for this irresponsible trial.





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