Gingrich Jabs Obama for Self-Centered Speech: He ‘Presided Over the Collapse of His Own Party’

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich called out former President Barack Obama’s record of party leadership from the White House after the former president gave a self-centered speech.

As IJR reported previously, Obama addressed a crowd in Berlin about the work of his foundation and motivating activists. During the 90 minute speech, he referred to himself 392 times, according to a report from Grabien.

His speech bothered many, including Gingrich. During an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Gingrich pointed to Obama’s record as a leader in the Democratic Party as one reason he might not be the best reference for building up a political party’s activists.

Watch his comments:

“I think that we should remember that the ‘I, me, I, me’ president presided over the collapse of his own party. They lost more state legislative seats, governorships, control of the U.S. House, control of the Senate. In a sense, that’s because, in the end, Barack Obama loved Barack Obama. The country sort of wanted somebody to actually deliver something.”

As Gingrich noted, the Democratic Party lost more than one thousand seats throughout the United States during the eight years Obama sat in the Oval Office, with the most important seat being his own.

Still, the former president is very popular among Democrats, despite his failure to lead the party to success while in the White House. Obama has a 95 percent approval rating within his own party. Gingrich claimed this disparity is because of the news coverage of the former president.

Watch clips from the former president’s self-centered speech:

“He presided over the biggest collapse of the Democratic Party in modern times but because of the news media, of course, you’d never quite know that,” said Gingrich.

While Democrats may still hold Obama in high regard, some have started to shift away from some of his presidential legacy.

As President Donald Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway noted, none of the 2020 frontrunners are running on reimplementing the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare. Instead, most are running on a single-payer option, such as “Medicare for All.”

“If Democrats actually liked Obamacare, they’d all be running on Obamacare.”

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Phyllis Softa

The best line is “[Obama’s] speech bothered many, including Gingrich.” EVERYTHING Obama did & said bothered Gingrich & FOX pundits! It is fun to go back & look at the many things that upset the anti-Obama crowd & compare to the current POTUS. No Tea Party rally crying about the DEFICIT!! No R’s decrying raising the debt ceiling. No R’s bemoaning playing golf yet Obama played 333 rounds in 8 YEARS to Trump’s 180 rounds in 26 MONTHS & NOT A PEEP. Can you spell hypocrisy?


Can’t say anything positive about a POTUS who loved himself more than the Nation he was elected to serve. Barry did nothing for America in eight years except become a taxpayer parasite. He’s still a parasite out of the Oval Office.





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