Gingrich Joins in Mocking ‘Poor Joe’ Biden Amid Hyde Flip-Flop: He’ll Do ‘Anything’ to ‘Appease the Left’

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2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s flip-flop on his long-time position on the Hyde Amendment isn’t going unnoticed.

After once holding support for the controversial amendment that blocks federal funds for certain abortion services, Biden then said a month ago it “can’t stay,” only to reverse that statement as he confirmed his support for it once again on Wednesday.

However, after pressure from other 2020 Democratic candidates, as well as pro-choice groups, the 2020 hopeful flipped again, this time saying on Thursday that he “can longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone’s zip code.”

Biden’s switch up drew criticism from some for his “awkward flip-flop-flip,” as IJR Red earlier reported.

In case you missed it:

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) mocked “poor Joe” on Friday, telling Fox News that Biden “can’t remember his own positions” on issues.

“He just repudiated his entire career,” Gingrich said. He continued:

“… I think what he’s going to prove to you in the next few weeks is he will throw out anything he has to throw out to appease the left. At which point, frankly, it almost becomes irrelevant if he gets nominated because he’ll just be one more tired example of a left-wing, out-of-touch politician.”

Watch the video below:

As several 2020 Democratic candidates have expressed their stance on repealing the Hyde Amendment, among other pro-choice positions, as IJR Red previously dove further into, a recent CNN poll reveals that 30% of those polled would only vote for a 2020 candidate if they had the same views on abortion. Forty-five percent would consider the candidate’s abortion position as a major factor when voting.

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“I was for it before I was against, it then I was against it it because I was for it and I’m now…what was the question again?” —-Joe Biden


Ah gee I don’t know now I don’t think I can support him.Well he’s a nice guy maybe I could,no…no On the other hand maybe I shouldn’t…lol





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