Rudy Giuliani Changes His Story: ‘I Never Said There Was No Collusion’

Chris Cuomo, Rudy Giuliani
President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani made a stunning statement Wednesday night where he continued to defend the president but said he couldn’t guarantee that others in the Trump campaign weren’t colluding with the Russian government.
“I never said there was no collusion between the campaign or people in the campaign,” Giuliani told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.
He doubled down on his defense of Trump himself but left everyone associated with him out to dry.
“There is not a single bit of evidence the President of the United States committed the only crime you can commit here, conspiring with the Russians to hack the DNC.”
Despite Giuliani’s insistence, the lawyer and Trump himself have argued no one in the campaign was involved in collusion. The president especially has done so on his Twitter, where he’s tweeted a usually all-caps “no collusion” many times, as recently as Jan. 4.

Giuliani remained confident that the upcoming report produced by Special Counsel Robert Mueller wouldn’t be a problem for the president.
“Let’s see if he’s got anything — I challenge him to show us some evidence that the President was involved in anything approaching criminal conduct,” Giuliani said.
Trump’s lawyer did, however, backtrack on a statement he made earlier in the week where he said he would want to “correct” the Mueller report before it was publically released, saying that he only meant he should be able to look at it.
“I don’t want to change the report, I want to respond to the report,” he clarified.

Watch the interview below:

Giuliani’s change-up comes days after multiple media reports detailed questionable practices between Trump and Russia. The FBI reportedly investigated Trump’s personal ties with the adversary government, and Trump reportedly concealed details from his meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin from his officials. Trump denied the report.

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Rocky Drummond

I don’t get it. Why do they let Giuliani out in public?

Is this particular outburst just another diversion or is he getting in front of something new again?





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