‘The Emotion Doesn’t Go Away’: Giuliani Reflects on the 18th Anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

On the 18th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-N.Y.) reflected on how he governed the city through its darkest hours.

Giuliani — who now serves as an attorney for President Donald Trump — was mayor when the attacks took place, claiming the lives of around 3,000 Americans when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center fell.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Giuliani explained how the memories from that day are still just as painful nearly two decades after the attack.

Watch Giuliani’s comments below:

“Sometimes it’s very hard to believe that it [was 18 years ago]. I was just saying that to someone. Sometimes it seems like ages. Sometimes it’s like yesterday and sometimes it’s like 100 years ago. It’s very hard to say. But when you come up to it, I went down there a week ago, and hadn’t been there in a while. And I — it brought back a lot of the feelings and the memories. The strange thing is a lot of the emotion doesn’t go away when you get confronted with it. You don’t remember it as often now, 18 years later. But, when you do remember it, in some ways it’s more powerful.”

Giuliani reflected on the unity that Americans felt in the aftermath of the attacks, noting that his emotions are mixed when it comes to that day because such horror was met with unthinkable bravery.

“It’s the saddest day and it’s the happiest day because there’s so much bravery. America was at its best, for weeks afterward,” said Giuliani. “You go back and you say now, I wish we could recapture half of that.”

Watch Giuliani’s full interview below:

Giuliani noted that the bravery and skill with which the New York City first responders evacuated the building was unmatched.

“The firefighters performed the greatest evacuation in American history. Because when I first heard how many people were dead, the calculation was 12,000. That calculation was based on a pretty good estimate of who was in the building and who could get out in that period of time. Particularly with the confusion that you’re talking about. But if you read the 9/11 report, which has criticisms, but I’ll tell you one thing that it says clearly: They took out almost 100% of the people that they were capable of taking out.”

Although the mayor was clearly inspired by his city that day, his anger toward the masterminds of the attacks hasn’t faded, noting, “I probably cannot describe it. If I described it, I’d probably embarrass myself,” later adding, “The anger is tremendous.”

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, one of the masterminds behind the attack, is slated to finally stand trial on January 11, 2021. He is currently being held in Guantanamo Bay.


  1. I for one, have not forgotten.
    Even though, it was just “some people who did something.”
    Those who do not know history, are doomed to repeat it.

  2. I would like to know how the great people of Minnesota voted in Ilhan Omar!
    I will NEVER forget that morning when I woke up and saw the horror!
    I dropped to my knees and prayed.

  3. Morte, sorry to hear you lost friends and loved ones in that attack.

    I remember the unity that was felt afterwards across the country. Instead of weakening us and tearing us apart it did the opposite and made us stronger and more unified.

    I fear that if a similar event happened in today’s time that same unity would not exist. The history revisionists have already watered that mass murder down to, “some people did something ” and “18 years ago jets were aimed at the WTC”. DISGUSTING that we can’t even call out the Islamic butchers for what they are and what they did! Now we’ve voted those cockroaches into our own House.

  4. Stuyvesant HS lost a number of alumni, 9/11 related cancers is making its way through those students who were present at the time.

    Stuyvesant HS never forgets and this alumna (Class of ‘87) remembers smiling faces and happy times with lost friends.

    1. Sorry you shared so directly in such a sad time in our beautiful country. But you also have happy memories on which to rely.

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