Countless Families at a Walmart in Texas Are Going to Have a Happier Christmas Thanks to Glenn Beck

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Glenn Beck and his family were inspired to give the gift of Christmas joy this year to families with layaway items at Walmart.

The conservative commentator and founder of The Blaze said that he had seen Tyler Perry pay off layaway items at Atlanta Walmarts and decided to do the same at his local store.

Beck and his family livestreamed the entire process on Facebook as an encouragement to others to spread joy in the same way.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Glenn Beck on Saturday, December 8, 2018

“The reason why I liked this is because it was something that people were working toward,” Beck said on his show. “They weren’t asking for a handout.”

In one of the videos, a customer was brought to tears when an employee called to notify her that her layaway was completely paid off.

Beck’s family decided not to receive large Christmas presents this year in order to give more to layaway orders. He said this was the start of a tradition and that he hoped he would always be able to give the same gift every year.

“As long as the Lord gives me strength and the ability to do that, I want to do that every year,” Beck said.

The commentator also challenged other members of the media to start doing the same as a way to give back.

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Christmas, the spirit of celebration and giving, is a state of mind NOT a time of year.

Ryan Desmarais

That’s awesome to see from both Glenn Beck and Tyler Perry. What great gestures at this time of year. Hopefully, this inspires people to find things they can do for others — and hopefully, it isn’t just confined to this time of year.


That Glenn Beck is such a dirty, rotten deplorable.





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