Gold Star Families Aim to ‘Educate the American People’ About the Dangers of Socialism

This Fourth of July, several military Gold Star families will be attending President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” celebration in Washington, D.C., to “educate the American people” about the dangers of becoming a socialist country.

During an interview on Fox Business Network’s “Varney and Co.,” Gold Star mother Karen Vaughn — in an appearance alongside Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight — was asked about what she is doing to address the movement towards socialism and “to denigrate patriotism” in the country.

Vaughn — whose son Aaron gave his life defending the United States — said that the move was “very troubling” and that she has been “trying to talk” to high school students about “what the truth is about America” in the face of what they have been taught in class.

She went on to say that “every single person who signs up to fight” in the Armed Forces does it to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and our way of life.”

Watch the video here:

Vaughn continued on, saying that she “Google searched: ‘What does socialism mean'” in order to learn how people viewed socialism and claimed that “we’ve got a real problem” with how people view the truth on socialism.

She then said that she and the other Gold Star families were aiming to “educate the American people.”

“We’ve got a real problem here with what people perceive to be the truth [about socialism] and what the reality actually is,” said Vaughn. “And that’s why Gold Star families — who have made tremendous sacrifices to protect our way of life for 243 years — are standing up together in Washington, D.C., saying ‘not on our watch.’ We will educate the American people, we will do it with the dignity of a mother and a wife, and we will say ‘not today, not tomorrow, not ever.”

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John Gagliano Jr

What makes THESE people qualified to teach anyone about socialism. If they knew the truth about America’s history, they’d know that socialism poses no threat to the safety security or sovereignty of the country. Using socialism as an enemy was just to create an enemy to pick a fight with. I’d bet if you go to a high school and ask kids, hey anybody want to go kill some people in a country that doesn’t pose any threat to the country? Oh and you may get killed or end up with psychological issues for the rest of your life, who… Read more »

Jeffrey Moore

I’m beginning to believe that one of the main differences between people who support the Left and those who support conservatives is the definitions of terms. The Left is constantly redefining terms.

But homosexuals are not particularly happy. Marriage still requires a husband and a wife. Abortion is tearing a baby limb from limb. It’s not possible to change your gender. It’s nuts to be prideful about your sex life. Physically harming someone is a truly hateful act. And socialism is government ownership of the means of production, not worker ownership.


We need to have public service announcements every day on the media promoting positive values and facts of the constitution and its effectiveness. Respect for our President would be good too.

Patti Harrison

I thoughts and prayers are with All of the Gold Star families, and this great lady is so correct, true socialism destroys everything in its path, don’t believe the lies, read it for yourself how many people have died as a result of socialism! And rationing of everything, healthcare, cars, food, shopping, I mean everything!!!

Edmund Hickey

Wouldn’t it be great if the mainstream media stopped with the leftist crap support and started reporting and investigating and return to watchdog status instead of trying to undermine our president. Along with that, how about writing and telling about the dangers and effects of Socialism. Our kids are not taught this in schools but are indoctrinated into a negative America attitude, same as the one Obama exhibited on his world apology tour and said we were the root cause of the world’s problems. This is the type BS kids get in classrooms from tenured so-called educators. Seems like our… Read more »


It would be a difficult task to try and EDUCATE those who have been INDOCTRINATED by Socialist/Marxist teachers and professors in today’s so-called “educational system”. First Amendment Rights are being trampled by the Nazi wannabes and anyone with an opposing viewpoint is barred from voicing an opinion. The Socialists are running roughshod over our guaranteed Rights and it is THEY who need to be taught the American way of democracy;not the Adolf Hitler method of verbal and movement constraint.


Thank you Karen Vaughan for what you are doing! It is good to hear this positive news.

Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy

I’m with you, Mrs. Vaighn! My uncle served in WWII, my dad tried but couldn’t pass the physical. My husband, 2 brothers-in-law and my oldest son all served proudly in the United States Air Force, and I unabashadly and proudly display the United States of America red, white, and blue flag everywhere I can. Those of you who don’t like our president? That’s alright because that is one of the rights so many men and women served and many died to preserve your right to do that!! I personally think he is doing a great job! If and when you… Read more »





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