Gold Star Mom Takes a Swing at Kaepernick While Defending the American Flag That ‘Stands for Freedom’

Andrew Kelly/Reuters

Gold Star mom Amanda Jacobs is letting loose on former National Football League (NFL) player Colin Kaepernick, as she defends the American flag, which she says “stands for freedom.”

Kaepernick — who previously gained national attention when he knelt during the national anthem in protest and even drew disapproval from the president — found himself back in the spotlight when Nike nixed their Air Max 1 USA sneakers that had the Betsy Ross flag embroidered on the heel. They did so after Kaepernick reportedly told the athletic giant that the old version of the American flag was offensive.

Jacobs — although she later said that she didn’t know about the Betsy Ross flag controversy at the time — blasted Kaepernick during a speech on July 4 in Washington, D.C.

“When I look at this country today and I tell people, and I’ve wanted to say this loud so many times, Colin Kaepernick was getting paid $14 million dollars a year to throw a ball,” she said. “My son died for $14,000 a year and he’s given more than any football player, any athlete, has ever given.”

See the Gold Star mom’s comments below:

The Gold Star mom doubled down on her criticism toward Kaepernick as she recalled the patriotism of her fallen son, who was killed in combat while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

When recalling the sacrifices of her son and now hearing some people call any sort of an American flag offensive, Jacobs responded on “Fox & Friends” on Saturday that the “flag is a symbol. … It’s a symbol of hope.”

“The American flag stands for freedom. It stands for our rights,” she said, adding that her son “was going to do what he had to do to protect that symbol.” (for copy edit

Watch the video below:

Nike’s decision to pull the sneakers ahead of Fourth of July caused multiple 2020 Democrats to applaud the move — despite the same flags hanging during former President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2013.

However, some Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he’d “make the first order” if Nike reverses their decision, or if another shoe company chooses to sell the sneakers with the Betsy Ross flag.

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Judy Montgomery Chartrand

No more Nike shoes or socks. Not to mention also, Nike has become low quality anyway, in making their products and choosing their representatives. Nike’s track record hasn’t been good. Before kaeprenick it was Tiger Woods, famous for his promiscuous behavior. Unfaithful to his wife, now a second rate football player, unfaithful to his country.
Hopefully another shoe maker will make a similar shoe…..And I will buy a pair.

Dave Hardesty

Nike doesn’t even own their own manufacturing facility. All of their shoes are manufactured in 3rd world countries with sweat shop labor working long hours like slaves with very small wages and no benefits. Then the shoes are transported to our nation and sold for over one hundred dollars and more per pair. No self respecting liberal should buy them. Aside from how the shoes are made and sold there are two other reasons. 1. Since liberals typically hate our military the Nike name is the name of a nuclear defense missile. 2. Nike is the name of a Grecian… Read more »


What Kaepernick (and too many others like him) don’t, or don’t want to understand is that they are, simply, abusing a venue that does not belong to them. They are given access to that venue to play a game, or receive an award, or give a performance; NOT to make a rant or spout off. They are quite free to go out into the parking lot and “do their thing” where others can join them or not. But those who pay for tickets do not pay for them so they can be abused (yes, ABUSED), disrespected, hurt, offended (i thought… Read more »


Nike will never sell another shoe to me and apparently to many others. Nike just alienated a large portion of their customer base. My hard earned monies will not throw any support to this political propaganda. In this Great land of ours I have many other excellent shoes to choose from.


Colin is a subhuman, degenerate, ignorant inbred, he is such a stain on America that not even Clorox can remove it!!

william jackson

Colin reminds me of a cockroach—-whenever either emerges one wants to shutter —then squash it!


Colin epitomizes the tail wagging the dog syndrome the liberals embrace so dearly.

Alan jenkins
Alan jenkins

Kaepernick is a piece of SHIT DIESNT CARE FOR AMERICA but lives in its freedom and luxury, but puts all else down LEAVE WE DONT NEED YOU HERE

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