GOP Rep Argues ‘Indiscriminate Immigration’ Creates Disorder — Gives Perfect Reason to Finish Border Wall

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In U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock’s (CA-04) Washington Examiner op-ed titled, “Why our border matters,” he slammed Democrat’s “powerful chorus” of open borders while praising President Donald Trump’s push for securing the borders.

McClintock explained that the unique qualities of each country are what “make some more desirable places to live than others.”

The Republican’s op-ed comes amidst the president pushing for funding on the border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and thousands of migrants at the southern border, who had traveled from Central America — McClintock writes that the migrant caravan “poses a fundamental test.”

“Most of the world’s 7.5 billion people live in violent and impoverished countries. It is no wonder that so many find the United States an attractive alternative,” McClintock wrote.

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The Representative explained that “uncontrolled and indiscriminate immigration” can cause an increase in violence in poverty in the U.S., while “destroying the qualities that encouraged immigration in the first place.”

The U.S. allows those who are prosecuted to seek asylum, however, “what is unfolding today makes a mockery of our asylum laws.”

“The much-publicized crowd at the border is not a peaceful caravan of asylum seekers, as many have attempted to portray it.”

The Department of Homeland Security’s spokesperson Katie Waldman told IJR that “the overwhelming majority of these individuals are not eligible for asylum in the United States under our laws,” adding only nine percent are found eligible for asylum while 91 percent are not.

Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters

According to McClintock, there have been 600 people arrested at the southern border in the migrant caravan who have been identified as criminals — the Mexican government has arrested roughly a hundred people for crimes.

“The fact that this force has attacked both Mexican and U.S. law enforcement, with several injuries reported, contradicts any claims that as a group they come with peaceful intent.”

As IJR Red reported, arrests by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the southern border spiked to the highest during President Trump’s presidency during the month of November, with arrests up by 78 percent from the previous year.

“If this throng is allowed to muscle its way into the United States, we can expect many and larger groups to follow,” McClintock wrote, adding that “the crisis should emphasize the importance of completing the border wall.”

“A forceful incursion over our border can only be repelled by the application of equal or greater force, and that’s a recipe for violence or even bloodshed. The physical separation provided by a wall can prevent that, protecting the officers who place their lives on the line in defense of our laws. It also protects the law-breakers themselves from the violent conflict their behavior would otherwise make inevitable.”

The representative urged that a prosperous nation has a prerequisite of orderly immigration, and if not followed, then the U.S. becomes “nothing more than a vast open territory between Canada and Mexico, susceptible to every social, political, and economic disorder brought to it.”

“This seems to be the ultimate aim of the American Left and its powerful chorus in the media,” McClintock concluded the op-ed. “We are fortunate in this crisis to have a president obedient to his constitutional command to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed.'”

While President Trump has touted the idea of closing down the government over border wall funding, he has continued to push to secure funding and Congress must agree on a funding plan before the year is up, as IJR Red noted.

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Robert Miles

Should Democrats allow building the wall, but only if Trump (not any other taxpayers) pay for it?


What’s wrong with discrimination by qualification? Do you bank with your corner loan shark? Do you want someone neither bonded nor licensed working on your car? How about your medical treatment?

Important and simple questions:
Are you a criminal?
Do you have skills/education?
Do you speak English or are you willing/smart enough to learn it?
Can you support yourself?

We already have enough people who can’t say yes to these questions. We don’t need more.


Institute and enforce a merit system. What can YOU bring? Helplessness? Too bad.

Make all new arrivals ineligible for ANY entitlements for a minimum 10 years, including education (we pay for that). Also voting.

Make them fix the shitholes they are fleeing. Yes, tough love. It parallels the out-migration of blue staters to non-shithole states. No state voting until 10 years residency. Stop trying to recreate the same shithole politics which led you to leave.





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