GOP Chair Gets Called Out For Saying D-Day Anniversary Is for ‘Celebrating Our President’

Ronna McDaniel

GOP Ronna McDaniel went after the media for criticizing the president on his overseas trip on Thursday, claiming that the D-Day anniversary should be for uplifting President Donald Trump.

“We are celebrating the anniversary, 75 years of D-Day,” McDaniel said on Fox Business. “This is the time where we should be celebrating our president, the great achievements of America, and I don’t think the American people like this constant negativity. There are times where we should be lifting up our president, especially when he’s overseas.”

Watch the video below:

Trump arrived in Normandy Thursday to commemorate the anniversary of the historic battle, and many reminded the GOP chairwoman that he was there to remember others, not celebrate himself.

“So according to @GOPChairwoman the D-Day anniversary is for celebrating … Donald J. Trump,” George Conway, lawyer and husband of Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway tweeted. “If ever there was evidence that the GOP has become a personality cult, this is it.”

Many critics pointed out Trump’s contentious history with the military, such as deferring from the Vietnam draft, banning transgender people from serving in the military, insulting the late Senator John McCain for his prisoner of war status, and fighting with the family of a soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Trump joined French President Emmanuel Macron in Normandy to commemorate the battle.


  1. What I can’t understand, for the life of me, is when someone says something good about the president, others jump in and become negative about him. Then when someone says something negative everyone and his or her brother/sister joins in and agrees. While it is true that D-Day is about the soldiers who lived and died in Europe to liberate the occupied peoples from Nazi Germany, it is also true that had it not been for Americans entering the Second World War the outcome may have been very different. It was the Democrats that initiated Isolationism prior to December 7, 1941. That was changed when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. When America is attacked, it takes an American president to tell the American people to say what America needs to do. However, when an American president is abroad among allies or enemies, the American people need to tell the rest of the world how it feels about him. Former President Obama lessened American prestige among our allies, even going so far as to bow before the Japanese leader and tell him that America should not have dropped the H bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Did anyone among the US Congress disagree? No, they did not. President Trump has told our allies that America is no longer going to be a dog to be kicked around, whether by friends or foes, within our nation or without. The American people are getting tired of the petty issues being brought up by the “fake news” channels. AMERICA IS WATCHING ALL THE CANDIDATES AND SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES WHO ARE BELITTLING OUR PRESIDENT AND OUR NATION AND TAKING STOCK FOR FUTURE RE-ELECTION OR EVEN ELECTIONS.

  2. IJR sure has some articles that are anything but independent…. sounds more like salon or something at times.

    1. The site literally has IJR Blue and IJR Red – there’s a deliberate spin to most articles. So… Independent Journal Review is kind of a misnomer. 😉

      It’s generally not a problem as long as one understands that articles on here are specifically written with an angle.

  3. He a disgrace to America, too badTrump and his family didn’t stay home and save the taxpayers all that money. We don’t honor him we honor the men and woman who served this country. The new media has the right to call it as it, and the American people have the right to see what an idiot he is.,.

    1. No doubt you were a supporter of B.O. who bowed before the Japanese Leader and asked for his forgiveness for American bombs dropped ending the Second World War on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    2. The “new media”, huh? Do you mean the newly radicalized left-wing media, the media that has abused it privileges and protections granted it by the First Amendment? Or was it just a typo?

    3. Your nasty remarks appear to be based ON ABSOLUTEY NOTHING. No specifics, just RECYCLED vile garbage with no substance. Nobody expects better from a contemptuous name calling SORE LOSER like yourself. A disgrace to America? THAT TITLE BELONGS TO FOLKS LIKE YOU.

  4. His Presence at any Event It’s an insult to our military

    1. Both Obamas and Clintons despised the military and the military despised both of them. Trump respects and supports the military and the military returns this support.
      USMCR Lt Col ret.

      1. So true… Trump loves and respects our troops, police, and first responders

        1. as long as he has someone to hide behind he loves it,,,but don’t ask the coward to stand in front

  5. It was said by Republican chair so it’s totally ok.

    1. I guess you forget that she is human and can make mistakes. But, you cannot, being that plainly you’re a perfect Democrat. You don’t make mistakes, for that means that you’re a god.

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